Wednesday, November 30, 2005

As I Was Taking the Consecrated Host from One Catacomb to Another...

... well, of course, pagans offered to get me stoned! It's an old story, one oft-repeated (esp. by haberdashers). With apologies to De Sica, we shall now weep through the tale of the weekend...

Dreadful drive north; I-75 clogged with pilgrims. Evade miserable final miles by going cross-country up GA 42; make note to eventually visit lower Dekalb's Jazzy Boyzz Styling Salon. Good to know the Starlight Six Drive-In's still packing them in; saw 90 seconds of Zathura on the screen nearest to Moreland Aveune during an agreeably interminable red light. Seemed only kinda so-so from 300 feet. The new Search and Destroy gr*me mix made the slog more than bearable. Made it to CC's house, where veg Thai take-out was waiting. Watched Jong Sun-Woo's Lies (I'll forever link the words "hoe stick" with a different sort of labor), ostensibly Korean cinema's "White Riot" to Bad Guy's "Anarchy" (keeping in mind reversals in chronology, etc.); Jonathan Caouette's extraordinary Tarnation (which neither of us had seen, and which I was oddly prepared to loathe), and Kim Ki-Duk's 2004 B&E meditation 3-Iron. Listened to a lot of new/new-ish music, including platters by Jan Jelinek, Gosub, The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania, Radio Tarifa, Dublee, Domu vs. Stacey Pullen, Bunny Lee, Eno's latest, sadly undervalued Another Night on Earth (which, in this reporter's humble opinion, is actually quite brilliant), several others. (We tend to cram a lot of stuff into 36 hours...) Oddly, we only purchased gender-specific hoisery at Macy's, eschewing other departments' offerings.

(Mid-stem consumer realities, November 28, 2005. Nokia cam-phone snap by TS.)

Circled the new iBook G-4s at the Lenox Mall Mac shop, but decided instead on (temporary) restraint. Rated shoppers' aesthetics while parked at Starbucks... Missed Nicole Richie's book signing (!) at Barnes and Noble, preferring to nose around the DVD aisles at Borders. I bought the NC-17 version of the Inside Deep Throat doc, while Cyn plunked ducats for the latest Halliwell door stop. Earlier, Med veg for lunch, tart Turkish coffee for dessert. Hadn't had any of the latter since August, and the first sip brought back memories of Marmaris... After viewing IDT, we watched Tarnation a second time. Jonathan's frighteningly reflective testament (which he videotaped at eleven years of age) again brought chills. Can't believe I ignored it on its initial release. Indie fatigue, I guess. His Greenpoint apartment interior looks exactly like that of my friend Jocelyn's... On a semi-related note, can't get certain scenes of Architecture of Doom out of my mind. (But, that's probably a good thing.)

Odd postings yesterday to a Dave Akuma thread. "Dat Roro Kid" seemed rather at a loss to enunciate displeasure with my predilection for kicking dead horses. His/her intended coup de grace was particularly threadbare, with seven logical fallacies* (and two huh?-inducing slivers of hyperbole) shoved into the first two paragraphs:

* 1) I know you're big on the whole internet squabble thing 2) as you can't take a joke and all 3) and OBVIOUSLY take yourself way more seriously 4) than anyone else takes you. Aside from that, your past/present argument is HILARIOUS in lieu of 5) your complete delusion of grandeur, dude. 6) You'z out da loop, kid...keep it that way. I am the past, present and future. 7) I'm the greatest shit you've never even seen. I'm more of a genius than your thesaurus...

Drool is as drool does, sez I. Still, the "loop" bit started me thinking about the trillion or so circles from which I am necessarily removed.

I am so out of the Pierre Moerlen's Gong loop, for example. I am decidedly out of the loop regarding the Army's awarding of contracts for M1114 high mobility multipurpose-wheeled vehicles. I have steered clear of the watchers of Hylocharis xantusii loop, and never had much interest in being accepted into the (Hampson) Loop loop. The list extends beyond infinity. Needless to blab, the only loop I give a toss about is my own...

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