Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Soundtrack to Plamegate

Broiling in Manhattan today... Long lunch with Marc Weitz (Menlo Park); after the Thai iced teas cooled us down we got into our groove and began formulating the Noon strategy. Shooting for a January/February 2006 release. Afterwards, one last walk into the Village. Bought red leopard skin creepers at 99X, another travel guide (for Turkey) at Barnes and Noble. (Andrew's playing "XXXXX" on the Steinway... What a fucking great life this is! Now he's segued into XXXXX's "XXXXX." And now XXXXX. And then XXXXX... He prefers keeping the playlist private.) Home to HQ, sweltering. Final mixdown push yielded gold. Midnight approaches; vocal overdubs until 4:00 AM, most likely. Then a few hours' rest, the cab to Newark, and my own bed by 10:00 PM...

(We finished the album, and we'll definitely keep you posted.)



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