Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"When It's Time to Party We Will Part Ways..."

Heard three of the latest demos for AWK's new album last night... You might percieve that my opinion is tainted (proximity, association), and so I shall refrain from elaboration.

(Had I taken leave of my senses, however, I would probably have said that they were really fucking GREAT.)

Ta, stiff upper lip, etc.


Spleen Removed by Wolves: GSA Edition

(Revised 28 July 05.)

AWK and I hit the streets shortly after noon. First stop, Sam Ash. An odd calm within. Clerks gave us our purchase; we paused at the door. A woebegone flyer for some club's "Saturday Night Dead" residency (with appropriated '76 John Rotten mug), foul muso tabloids with Shins cover stories... Very disconcerting. Off again to Comp USA; more hard drives, a Mac keypad. (We'd spilled something on the other one during Monday's session.) Complete mayhem at checkout, but in retrospect, probably normal for the joint.

Strolled over to Steinway and Sons, walked their justifiably famous hall. Karl Lagerfeld's 150th anniversary edition piano gave me a premonition of Alessandra Mussolini's naked thighs...

A few minutes later we were squeezing into the doorway of an impressively narrow Fifth Avenue deli. AWK ordered turkey on rye, while I stuck with Vitamin Water. We sat on the ledge in front of the Girl Scouts of America headquarters, flipping ideas back and forth, enjoying the respite. An insanely attractive woman entered our field of view. We held our breath as she walked near, paused, then crossed the street away from us. I felt as though I was nine... Fantastic!

Still talking about girls at Bed Bath & Beyond; still talking about girls outside Julliard.

I slept through AWK's piano lesson; his instructor studied under an instructor who studied under Bartók. Dutifully impressed. The delivery crew arrived from BB&B; one man's voice sounded as though it belonged in an immense body. Andrew later confirmed my suspicion.

Dinner at Zen Palate with Andrew's friend Cherie, then a walk through Union Square. White Belgian for her, 65% dark for me. Andrew sampled from both...

No fucking luck at Virgin! (We've been looking for the expanded edition of The Associates' extraordinary 1981 Fourth Drawer Down compilation. Struck out at Tower Broadway, Other Music, Mondo Kim's... It's so weird to not be able to find something in NYC.)

Andrew worked on the album all night, and I stayed out of his way.



PS: I'll clue you in to the surprise later. (Much later, most likely...)

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