Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Splitting in Five...

Or so it seems. Head aches, throat is sore from coughing up the last, intransigent clots of phlegm from the cold acquired in Antwerpen, and mind is thoroughly blown from the mountain road trek from Zagreb to Split. So many villages erased from the map... Hundreds of houses still bearing the scars of the 1991-1995 war. I've never seen so many fucking bullet holes in my life... Waiting for the gig to begin here at Klub Kocka.

Despite everything, I have a good feeling about tonight. We must jettison all but the elemental - tonight we entertain.

More Soon,


Zagreb and Associated Convolutions...

Insane fucking day. Received word from Igor in Split that we needed an ATA Carnet to cross the Hungarian-Croatian border without undue bureaucratic bullshit. Balazs and I raced to the appropriate ministry via metro and nabbed the documents in less than a half-hour. We packed up the Kangoo and hauled ass overland to the border. We hit the first checkpoint just as the 7:00 PM shift change was beginning, and three and a half hours later... What a nightmare. Made it to the Zagreb city limits around 11:50. Mate, our host, rang to inform us that "extremists" had phoned in a bomb threat to the police. As we arrived at the theater complex, explosives experts and smirking cops (who obviously knew the call to be the idiotic hoax it was) were doing final cursory checks of the parking lot and interior rooms... At 12:10, we were allowed to load in.

It was the best gig of the tour to date.

Nailed them with an a capella version of "Till Their Legs Gave Way", and afterwards, pure levitation...

More about this day later. Off soon for Split, and the Adriatic Coast.



Budapest to Zagreg: Pix

(Captions to follow...)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Death Metal Always Takes a Backseat to the Quiet Storm...

Awoke in a sweat, lying on a mattress on the red carpeted floor of Balazs Pandi's bedroom, surrounded by vintage Pharaoh Sanders vinyl and posters documenting every anti-musical event to have lurched through Budapest in the last decade. Spring has definitely arrived in Hungary, and I went to sleep dressed for a blizzard. (Balazs lives with his family in a near-palatial three-story spread on a suburban side street that could easily be mistaken for Anytown, USA. His dad's pitbull was a stunner.) Our set for the previous evening's Mediawave Festival was, from our perspective, the least satisfying of the tour. We couldn't hear anything from the stage, and as a result our performance resembled an ancient rite of flailing asymmetry. Of course, the Győr audience, which sat cowering behind a phalanx of beer-strewn tables, loved it. We were bummed on the drive to the capital, at least until Dennis put Kanye's Graduation in the CD player. Tensions quickly eased...

Pics are current through April 19. More processing to follow.



Österreich Is Alright for Alighting...

(Pix from an off-day in Wien. Captions to follow...)

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Bratislava to Győr (By Way of Vienna): Pix...

(Captions to follow...)

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