Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November 1st, and the Children Are Barking...

Hi Again,

Still here, just absurdly busy. So much content in the holding pens - I hope to add at least a portion of it in the next few days. Lots to report, including: excellent solo/solo/duo concert the Saturday before last (October 22nd) with Wouter Jaspers at the Oberdeck here in Hannover; saw the Daniel Richter 10001nacht exhibition at Kestner Gesellschaft - mostly very blah, unfortunately; Weasel Walter, Jim Magas, Azita Youseffi (no shit) and I (and perhaps others from the original sessions - who knows?) will be reuniting as Miss High Heel, but probably only for a new series of recordings; I'll be opening for Sightings at Friese in Bremen on November 19th, and we'll be performing together as the Sightings Tom Smith quartet in NYC on January 4th (venue TBA); Rope Cosmetology's website is almost up and salivating - we'll be on tour in Europe during the first three weeks of March - we'll have our first non-KSV releases out by then (if luck holds) as well; a newly commissioned Three Resurrected Drunkards C-90 will soon be available via an Australian imprint whose name escapes me at present; there'll be a new TLASILA C-60 soon as well (info will be posted as soon as my mind clears); the three-disc Shave remix box on MonotypeRec is in production, but probably won't see the grim light of doom until 2012; Epuration is also now set for a 2012 release; I decided to stop giving interviews for The Cortege - you've never seen such insipid fucking inquiries; and, not that you wouldn't have guessed, but there's been lots of tweaking and editing, as usual, at KSV HQ...

That's it for now.