Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TLASILA > Los Angeles > Pehrspace > 6 May 07 > Vidcaps

The Pehrspace, a dank bloody fuckhole of an arts venue (housed in a former real estate/tax accountancy/DUI school/generic strip mall Hell office), was right up our alley.

From their website: "The two signs you will see to the left and right of the parking lot will say "Beauty Force Salon" and "Praise Chapel."

Can't beat that with a billion feces-slathered sticks...

It was far too dim within for the video to resolve anything but fuzzy primary hues, and the owner of the joint was too timid by half to mount a challenge to draconian neighborhood noise ordinances... But, as with all dodgy arenas, the actual working staff were righteous dudes, and our stay there was as invigorating as it was disorienting.

Liz, Graham, Ben, Rat, the Robot and I were joined by Billy Taylor, Tom Van Dyke, Ren Schofield, Scott Kinsey, and Damien Romero. Videography by our old Miami Beach pal Oscar Perez, with great thanks...

(There are no decent framegrabs available of Misty - she was wearing black and standing amid shadows cast by the crowd. Oy... We promise to sort through the tape again soon and find at least one recognizable image. In the meantime, refer to the previous Pehrspace post; you'll find a couple of snaps of Ms. Martinez there.)

I've been rather busy of late, doing the twelve-hour fader crouch to complete projects we'd signed up to do before the start of the tour. Just wrapped our track ("Le Ceneri di...") for an Italian split 12" with unpretentiously christened Biella din-mongers Harshcore. One down, an unknown quantity to go...



(The knife, illuminated by the 'bot... The set begins.)

(TS, Rattus, and Adam from Static Aktion.)

(From the background forward: Damien, Scott, and Ren.)

(Billy Taylor, as suave as ever.)

(Ben was having a very good time...)

(Kinda hard to tell, but we're pretty sure that's Rat, Graham, TVD, and, with the hand-painted Pehrspace shirt, Adam Static Aktion.)

(Scott's cymbal is in the foreground; Billy, Ren and Rat take up the rear.)

Now We're Talkin'...

VA - Soundboy Punishments (Skull Disco SKULLCD01 2xCD, 2007)

Word of warning: great album. Regardless of the flavors you prefer, this concoction will satisfy.

(I recommend you procure this compilation immediately.)

Butt heads with the SD website here.

If you should require proof of this assertion, listen to Appleblim's "Mystikal Warrior," one of the early Skull Disco dubplates included on the comp. Yeah, it's a cornball song title, but once you've picked yourself off the floor you'll be far more generously inclined...



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