Friday, August 08, 2008

100 Years, Either Way...

(Reposted by request.)

Hello Droogs,

The second POI album received an even icier reception in the States than the first.

We wanted REM to sound like constricted Gordian clots of unstable pirate broadcast signals. All we listened to at the time was David Hykes, Diamanda Galás, Bela Bartók, Crime + City Solution, György Ligeti, and Judas Priest. We did a fuckload of acid. It showed.

Peach of Immortality recorded another fifteen (!) albums between, before, and amid Jehovah/REM and 1989's Taxi zum Shoah. We couldn't inveigle anyone to release any of them them, and we slowly faded from view.

Soldiering on, we performed a poorly attended farewell gig at Atlanta's Klaang! studio space in early 1991, had a few drinks afterward to celebrate the long, mad debacle, and quietly parted company.

I'd already stumbled over Ron Jeremy's porn parody of William Friedkin's To Live and Die in L.A. (in 1988, at Valdosta, Georgia's still-extant, long-bowdlerized Video Warehouse), and by May 1990 had filled four Maxwell C-60s with TLASILA demo sketches.

Met a girl, fell in love...

On moving to Miami, the POI name was retained for the handful of live gigs I performed while recording 30-mm. I made the switch to TLASILA permanent in October 1993, but everything recorded in Miami under the POI rubric was unmistakably in the vein of To Live and Shave in L.A. Same exact animal...

Peach of Immortality - "Jehovah" My Black Ass - R.E.M. Is Air Supply!

(1986, Adult Contemporary Recordings ACR 006 PRE LP.)

Availability: out of print.



Side A

01 30 Jan 86

02 18 Jan 86 (recorded live at the Bone Club, San Antonio)

03 31 Jan 86

Side B

04 29 Dec 85

05 14 Jan 86 (recorded live at Jed's, New Orleans)

06 30 Jan 86


Jared Hendrickson - guitar and treatments
Lowell Ginsberg - bass and treatments
Mark Shellhaas - signal manipulation
Tom Smith - tape manipulation, mix, production

(I'm giving the photographer the finger, Lowell Ginsberg is wearing the scarves, Mark Shellhaas is smiling knowingly on the right, and Jared Hendrickson - now better known as Jared Louche - has his boot in your face.)

(Ripped from the original vinyl test pressing.)

Get it here.


Respectfully Yours,


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