Sunday, March 04, 2012

Re: POI "Succumbs"...

Hello All,

Below, please find a sheet of thumbnails for the reissued Peach of Immortality video compilation Succumbs (Restored). Fellow Maoist and multi-hyphenate Fred Ware III put it together with me after hours at the production studio of Valdosta State College (now University, and my alma mater) way back in '91. The U-Matic master, infinitely sharper than the transferred VHS-SP copy transferred to digital (courtesy of KSV artiste and late period TLASILA member Patrick Spurlock), still exists, but only Satan knows where the antiquated playback units for that forlorn format may be. The only first-generation dupe extant, to my knowledge, is the one currently resting at KSV HQ...

That's what it more or less looks like.

(My Doris Wishman obsession was already on display, a full year before I actually met the late director and drew her into my/our unholy cabal...)

Lucifer's Egg,


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