Monday, October 11, 2010

Apologies from the Interior of the Pressure Vessel...

Why, why, why do I always attempt more than I'm capable of accomplishing in a twenty-four day? One of these millennia I'm going to schedule a block of sleep into the cycle...

Re KSV: check back tomorrow for expanded new release info. I had a Three Resurrected Drunkards rehearsal earlier, and then a Mad Men date with the CP. During the day, I worked, then completed the final mix of the fourth Academia Riding Rust album, Improvident Upskirt. Just no time left today to sort out the relevant details - I'm exhausted.




The Ceiling Is Shaking Again: KSV Info Addenda

OK, back with the extended palaver. The douche upstairs is running his wobbly waschmaschine a bit too goddamned late for my liking, but, to Hell with it. The temblors snaking down from the fifth floor also qualify as free entertainment. Mustn't be ungrateful...


KSV 106 Salon Oberdeck: 9. September (B*Tong)

Bulbous stages of studied ambiguity, the damaging effects of prying eyes...

Composed and performed live by B*Tong (Chris Sigdell) at the Oberdeck, Hannover, on September 9, 2010.

01 Performance (33:38)
02 Version (KS re-edit + remix) (24:38)

Recorded, mixed and edited by Karl Schmidt.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Three-week window of availability. Two weeks remain.


KSV 107 Eric Arn, Wouter Jaspers & Stefan Kushima - Templates
Leopoldstadt divides its time between metamorphosing hypnosis and the sweatered slamming of doors; a cloak that defines hours on end as a cabin replica...

Composed and performed live by Eric Arn, Wouter Jaspers and Stefan Kushima at the Oberdeck, Hannover, September 11, 2010.

01 Arn Jaspers (11:23)
02 Kushima (15:10)
03 Jaspers (16:25)
04 Arn (16:42)
05 Arn Jaspers Kushima (18:11)

Eric Arn - guitar, electronics
Wouter Jaspers - electronics, devices, voice
Stefan Kushima - electronics

Note: Eric Arn is re-working Templates for a special, second edition version! Until he's completed his post-production ablutions, the album will not be available. Those who ordered (and were shipped) the first edition prior to Arn's retreating to his Vienna atelier will receive copies of the second edition at no cost. For everyone else, the second version will now supplant the first. OK? We'll send up a flare when the album is ready for re-release.


KSV 108 Academia Riding Rust - Improvident Upskirt

Two oranges on a shelf consisting of nothing more than miniature houses, a doghouse with two entrances. Sculptures range from bloated and French graphic to shouting and slamming of white sugar and black paper...

Their fourth album.

01 Improvident Upskirt (51:35)
02 Version (22:45)

Composed, mixed and produced by Academia Riding Rust.
Mastered by Linda, Voila & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Three-week window of availability, starting today.


KSV 110 Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith - Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher

Using Kevin's recent Obstacles double set as its thematic starting point, Mud posits the recent, still-unfolding Hungarian ecological catastrophe as a slowly gurgling metaphor for all the irrevocably fucked-up shit going on around us. (Yes, it's political.) Re-edited and remixed from KD's original Obstacles masters by Tom, who also added multiple layers of splintered vocals to re-frame the narrative.

01 Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher (72:26)

Kevin Drumm - guitar, laptop, electronics, other devices, recordings
Tom Smith - voice, edit, mix, production

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Three-week window of availability. Two weeks remain.


KSV 111 Katja Fregatte - Metalized

Portraits of acclaim from the world's largest landfill, mixing Iranian and American imagery with imperceptible changes in hue. Taking cues from interiors either real or imagined, calculated subtlety gives way, stretching one minute into ten hours, tidying up disorder...

01 Metalized (66:11)

Composed, recorded, mixed, and produced August-September by Katja Fregatte at the Mathematics and Informatics Laboratory of the University of Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Three-week window of availability, starting today.


Download a special mini-sampler of the above recordings here.


One week of availability remaining:

KSV 097 Karl Schmidt - Jourdain
KSV 098 Linda, Viola & Uwe - Eine ruhige Nachbarschaft
KSV 099 Tenerife Monitor - Without Compass, I Am Found (2xCD)
KSV 100 Tom Smith - Solo Vocal No. 1
KSV 102 Das Mildeste von Milden - The Leech in the Anodyne
KSV 103 Von Uexküll Trio g. Das Versagen des Akkus
KSV 104 VA - Was ihr verpasst habt ... (2xCD KSV compilation)
KSV 105 Messeparkplatz Ost & Aperçus - Aufruhr im Hamburger Botschaft!



Within the Eurozone, €8.49, postpaid. Elsewhere, €11, postage included.

Two-disc sets: EU, €12, postpaid. Elsewhere, €15, postpaid.

Orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com


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101 Convergences: #21


ί Στεφανία (aka Stefania) (1966, Giannis Dalianidis) vs. Der Fan (1982, Eckhart Schmidt).

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Until #22,


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