Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TS Podcast: WLUW's Delirious Sunrise Program

Hi Again,

As you may recall, Arvo and the good folk at Chicago's WLUW-FM asked me to curate a podcast for their ongoing Delirious Sunrise spectacular. It aired in the wee hours of the morning (and just ended, if you were listening in the States), and was designed neither to pummel or disorient, but to mollify and entertain. As I wrote to Arvo, my choices weren't meant to be definitive (although the artists occupying the first and final slots are obviously significant for me), but rather "pixels within the larger panorama of my interests." (Same as any DJ's programming, I know, but I'm a stickler for caveats.)

I hope listeners enjoyed the program, and I trust you'll enjoy it too.

Grab the file (and a playlist) here.

Download the press kit (the frontispiece of which is reproduced above) here.




PS: Terrific essay from Bernard-Henri Lévi on the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull here.

PSS: On an unrelated note: pretty fuckin' hilarious video from The Onion here.

Necessary Adjustments: Day Twenty

Trusted Aesthetes,

Soothe your inner Hitlers with today's installment of our radical re-fix pogrom...

Necessary Adjustments #20:

Friedrich Gulda - Nachricht vom Lande (adjusted) (1977)


Yours Particularly,


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