Friday, June 09, 2006

Atlanta Diary Pt. 1

Back in the (wilted) Phoenix Megalop, taking yet another mini-vacation before the pre-tour insanity revs into fifth. I'm parked before C2's Mac, and organic saladstuffs are being spun to the sounds of Italian movie themes. The sixteen-year-old cat with the acute sinus disorder yalps for a taste of ginger dressing; Morricone launches into "L'Uccello Dalle Plume di Cristallo," and all is well...

Last night we caught the final area showing of Mary Harron's The Notorious Bettie Page; Gretchen Moll completely nailed the characterization. Syn and I were the only two souls in the theatre (the once-opulent, still semi-impressive Garden Hills Cinema on Peachtree), and it was a delight to have the film to ourselves.

We have tix this afternoon for An Inconvenient Truth (bought them yesterday to avoid the queue crush); afterwards, a gallery opening and further ruminations.

Hanging with Graham Moore (from the Blossoming Noise imprint) Saturday eve - first we've seen of him since his accident on the morning of April 9...


TLASILA tour sked update: we'll be performing in NYC on September 11-12; should be no trouble getting into the city on those dates! In an unanticipated development, we found we'll be dipping South at the end of the trek. Richmond, Norfolk, maybe Raleigh, with a final date in Atlanta (September 18?). We'll have more info soon.

Delivered our track to Ecstatic Peace for their forthcoming Tarantula Hill benefit comp; if you listen closely to the cut (recorded live at the manse on September 11, 2004 - numerology alert!) you'll hear the actual voices of actual Balto locals. Our homage to the Live at the Roxy WC2 alb from '77... (Wizened) Wheels within (charred) wheels.



To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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