Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Hemlock: Yeah, We Drank of It, and We're Well Fucking Dead...

(Amended May 13, 2007; new photos posted May 20.)

Another round of scarring and scoring... SF was a sight for gouged orbs.

The Hemlock was purring hours before launch, and for once we had the luxury of a serious, professional, no-nonsense soundperson (Julia). She helped the proceedings along immeasurably.

Another great line-up, and yet another gig with my newest fave combo, Rose for Bohdan. Better still, old Miami friends (and SF transplants) Kreamy 'Lectric Santa rampaged through a set of their drug-swaddled huh?-core. So pleased to see so many cool-ass performances in one evening...

Weasel Walter and Marlon Kasberg joined us again on the Hemlock stage; we finally debuted "A Bullet in the Back," which had been in the works from the start of the tour...

Didn't take too many pix with my camera, but Ben likely has scads. We'll sort the images later... For now, please examine these three:

(Ben's pal Sasha helps repair the oscillator's whammy bar...)

(Anthony Bedard, erstwhile Icky Boyfriend and Hemlock promoter... A true gent.)

(Rat and Ben, awakening yet another hotel graveyard shift employee...)


Oops! Discovered these on my phone cam:

(Beware! D. Boon is alive and pilfering at the Hem!)

(Why Gwayam so sad?)

(Cool lager at last... Ben wets his circuits barside.)

(The Mouse-Mug strikes again!)

(Style is our only prerogative... The House of Wolcott rips the runway apart for the fourteenth consecutive season!)

(Yet another SF still-life... We got a million of 'em.)

(Julia ruled. And, yeah, as a woman she was equally regal. Reckon my aim was averted below her eyeline. But for good reason, etc. God Bless the USA!!)

(As no-one volunteered to snap Tom's mastiff-like mug, the mirror had to suffice... Sniff.)

(Grace whispers conspiratorially... Sorry, but her words must never be repeated... Records have been sealed!)




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