Thursday, July 15, 2010


(Amended 15 July 10.)

On Faith and Its Antipode, Italian Techno...


Dunno how many of you have actually seen a copy of Psycho Radio's 2006 remix of "Religion" from Public Image Ltd.'s debut First Edition album, but it exists and it's worth hearing.

It's imperfect (no Levene, Walker or Wobble, just Lydon's voice sampled from "Religion 1"), but it will do...

I have the complete 12" now, transferred from an original copy: first to lossless wavs, then to mp3. Long, long out of print. You can thank me when I'm dead.

P.R. vs. PiL - Religion EP

Oxyd Records OX-5190 12" bootleg, 2006.

01 Religion (Extended Original) (7:56)
02 Religion (Tignino & Leo Mystic Dark Mix) (8:13)

Grab it here.


I will survive, I wish I could die,

Tom (Ltd.)

To Anon, re: Feld...

Apologies, sir or madame, but it's one of the previously posted miracles I inadvertently left at my Stateside HQ. I'll retrieve it on my next visit to Hell...

Until such time, with humility,


Debemos ser pacientes.....

¡Hola amigos!

An update on the forthcoming live release on Discos Buen Pony, taken from TLASILA 666's unfettered, poleaxed, altogether out-of-mind/body 2008 performance at Valencia's premiere vibrating egg emporium, the Red Shoe.

Contrary to earlier reports, the album hasn't yet been issued.

Why? José dice que tomará más tiempo del previsto...

So, just another couple of weeks, and the mad scamper across the pampas can begin.




Happy New Year from the Harz...

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