Monday, May 31, 2010

Unpunished Update!

Hi Again,

Good news comes in Lynott quatrains! Aaron Dilloway has submitted his forward to Unpunished, my forthcoming collection of 2000-2001 Bananafish essays. As frontispieces go, it's succinct, punch-drunk, and defiant. Basically, everything I hoped it might be...

So, as soon as I run the final layout by KSV's printer I should know the approx. per-unit cost, shipping fees, and other relevant astral coordinates.

Cheers to Aaron - hope you can relax during your layover!

Best to All,


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Necessary Adjustments: Last Orders!

Good Evening,

A reminder that I'll be removing all installments of the Necessary Adjustments series from my RS server on the 1st - if you're missing any, abscond with them now while there's still time!

Trifles they were, but rendered in the style and spirit of my first overtly dub-inflected works from 1978. Never satisfied then, or now...


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three New Releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Guten Abend!

As promised, three new releases from your enterprising monastics at KSV are presented below for your edification, clumsy weights, and inharmonious verses. This is the clean-up sortie from the recently-launched, coarse and degenerate flotilla. Prepare to prepare, as your eyes will do the things we usually predict they'll do...

Of course, we'll have more throughout June, including, one hopes, Unpublished! Still waiting on Aaron deliver his forward. He's a new dad, just as busy as I am, mustn't complain, etc.

Download a preview mix (18:36, 42 MB unpacked, 320 kbps) here.



KSV 084 7. Mainzer Kunstzwerg Festival: Police Indian Aydin

A seedless document of a determinedly luminous 48-hour belch. Silke Arp Bricht uprooted itself at the behest of the Walpodenakademie of Mainz, and between 14-15 May, the dusty feathers of stuffed ospreys flew. Police Indian Aydin commemorates both a death throe and the first greedy gulp from the chalice of infinite, unmerciful possibility.

101 14. Mai Composite (67:27)


Dr. Proll

Aenne & Jimma


201 15. Mai Composite (77:16)


Major Murks

Three Resurrected Drunkards


Die Moderne Welt

Recorded live by TS at the 7. Mainzer Kunstwerg Festival, Walpodenakademie, Mainz, Germany, May 14-15, 2010. Edited and mastered for release at KSV HQ, Hannover.

Edition of 15.

Two-disc set: €14 EU / €17 elsewhere.


KSV 085 Three Resurrected Drunkards - The Transmigration of the Martyr Is the Murder of the Mourner

Three Resurrected Drunkards, a sufficiently agreeable entertainment despite discordant and muddy perfumes, are, with Transmigration, captured in promiscuous commerce on the second evening of the 7. Mainzer Kunstwerg Fest.

A pair of rehearsal sediments are included for future historians' reference...

Pit Noack - prepared cassettes, tape decks
Tom Smith - voice, texts*

* ("And the Right Moves In" and "The Exclamation" composed by Smith/Noack; "I Must Mourn" composed by Tim Lane Seaton/Tom Smith for Rope Cosmetology, arrangement TRD; "The Chair" composed by Marty Robbins, arrangement TRD.)

01 Complete Performance (36:13)
02 Rehearsal Layers (2010.05.11) (10:43)
03 Rehearsal Layers (2005.05.10) (12:11)

Edition of 15.

€8.49 EU / €10 elsewhere.


KSV 086 Königsworther Str. 20, 22. Mai (Frank Apunkt Schneider)

Frank Apunkt Schneider, the author of the definitive Neue Deutsche Welle tome Als die Welt noch unterging: von Punk zu NDW, dropped by Königsworther Str. 20 (the site of the former Silke Arp Bricht) to discuss the finer points, the justly obscure, and the impossibly neglected. The hours flew past in spastic, fluttering fits...

Bone up on your German, non-Euro kiddies, as this was a strictly scintillating info-feast!

(KSV's copy. No HQ should be without one.)

(Frank was kind enough to sign ours...)

Frank Apunkt Schneider - narration, text, playback

101 Teil Eins (66:59)

201 Teil Zwei (65:50)

Recorded by Karl at Königsworther Str. 20, Hannover, on May 22, 2010.

Edited and mastered for release by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover.

Two-disc set: €14 EU / €17 elsewhere.



To order, as ever: PayPal, via tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

More soon!



Friday, May 28, 2010

The Leaning Grasses Dance Upon Wanton Satyrs (etc.)...

Holy Ones,

The last lifeboat from the recently grounded KSV tanker will be cast overboard tomorrow morning.

Fatigue has won the evening. I must submit...


Re-Upped by Request (Yet Again)!

Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm & Oswald Wiener - Münchner Konzert Mai 1974

(3xLP box, released 1974 via Edition Hans Jörg Mayer f 665508/09/10.)

Availability: out-of-print for a long, long time.

01 1 (19:33)
02 2 (19:12)

03 3 (19:24)
04 4 (19:56)

05 5 (19:06)
06 6 (17:16)

(263 MB, ripped from the original vinyl at 256 kbps, archived into two RAR files; the more noticeable pops were removed digitally.)

Part One / Part Two

These links have been inserted into the original post as well.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Re-Upped by Request...

The following post had gone the way of all Aktionist expulsions. We present it again for your edification!

Christian Attersee, Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Arnulf Rainer, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Dominik Steiger & Oswald Wiener - Das Berliner Konzert (November 1974)

(3xLP box, released 1975 via Morra Pari e Dispari / edition h. mayer ST 33 1-6.)

Availability: deceased 32 years.

01 1 (22:29)
02 2 (21:28)

03 3 (22:38)
04 4 (19:02)

05 5 (18:12)
06 6 (25:26)

Part One / Part Two

View the original entry here. The new links have been implanted there as well...

Cheers to Anon.,


KSV April-May Master Mix!

Hi Again,

For the latecomers and night-blooming frighteners, a recap:

KSV April-May Master Mix!

(Click for a larger version.)

Clockwise from top left:

KSV 060 Horseshoe Bob - Willkürlichauswahl #1; KSV 073 Academia Riding Rust - I Can't Be Arsed to Be Incensed by Self-Perpetuated Stasis; KSV 074 Katja Fregatte - Venom Zinn Funkapolitan Reynolds Reynols; KSV 075 Factories Empty Evening - Parched Lawns Are Low Sun; KSV 076 Pato & Crystal Plumage - Wohlklang, 17. März; KSV 077 Brenda Harris: The Woman on the Bed; KSV 078 Pécas in Dub: Je suis une (horny penman); KSV 079 Tom Smith - "Die Frau" betreffend; KSV 080 Little Claw - Sturnglocke 30. März; KSV 081 Wohlklang: 8. April (Bruital Orgasme); KSV 082 17. April: Auf Wiedersehen Silke! (Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dubrock / DJ Booty Carell); and KSV 083 Pit Noack - Villa Vaudeville, 22. April.

01 KSV April-May Master Mix (15:49)

Free, unlimited download, prepared especially for friends and loathers of KSV!

Get wet here.




On the ICE from Ahlten...

Best window-etched graffiti of the year, spied yesterday on a trip back from the burbs:

(Click for a larger version.)

Impossible to top.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TLASILA 666: New Live Recording from Discos Buen Pony!


The very fine folk at Valencia, Spain's sterling Discos Buen Pony imprint have released a coruscating document of the 2008 performance by the 666 iteration of TLASILA, taken from our stand at that city's stately Red Shoe cosmodrome, and featuring the peerless lineup of Sickboy Milkplus, Gaybomb, Balazs Pandi, and yours far-too-(im)modestly...

TLASILA 666 - Dilema de cerrajería: Todos los esclavos tienen sus claves...

(Click for a larger image.)

Sickboy Milkplus - portátil y la electrónica
Balázs Pándi - batería
Gaybomb - dictáfonos de tarjetas magnéticas
Tom Smith - voz, edición, producción

01 Cede Topless Theorem (31:45)
02 Undated Telexes (10:28)
03 Tiered Dieter (8:20)
04 Woven Riots (28:40)

Grabado en vivo el 09 de mayo 2008 en The Red Shoe, Valencia, España
Edición y producción de TS en la sede de KSV, Hannover, Alemania, 2009-2010
Compuesta por TS / realizado por TLASILA 666

Muchas gracias: José y Discos Buen Pony, Blasfemia Anal, The Red Shoe, Zener, Cutty Sark, lluviosa mañana de mayo, y los taxis y las prostitutas-filósofo de Valencia...


The DBP blog and MySpace profile haven't been updated lately, but never fear - if you contact the label I'm sure the swag could be sent your way muy pronto...



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New, Final TLASILA Logo...

Guten Tag,

I've been working on this design for a few weeks. As we assess the extent of the damage wrought by TLASILA after its blind, twenty-year romp, a new, encapsulating motif seemed not just appropriate, but utterly essential.

(Click for a larger version of the image.)

This is how I feel. Braced for attack, poised to slip (unnoticed, if fate holds sway) through the acrid cloak of impermanence into the unknown.

Rope Cosmetology, Three Resurrected Drunkards, TS solo, Karl Schmidt Verlag, my future.

TLASILA, my past, one I vow to protect, respect, unmercifully tweak, and share...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Torrent Deformations: The Book of Eli (Second Pass)...


Below, please find the catch as rendered at 81%...


(Click on each for a larger version.)

A dull dough sours,


Torrent Deformations: The Book of Eli...

Young Lovers,

The best abstractions from a recent torrent slurp of the Hughes Brothers' film, as rendered via playback first at 72%, then 81% completion. Some clown edited a few minutes of vanilla porn into the file, but at least the quick flashes of light fuchsia balance Don Burgess' rinsed, post-apoc palette...

Yours Fitfully,



First pass (72%):

(Click on each for a larger version.)


Sockets brave eyeballs,


Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...