Friday, September 06, 2013

Finally... Thirteen New Albums and One New Book from KSV!

Hello Friends,

We're back after a late summer hiatus with the hot atomic secrets you crave. As the title above indicates, we have thirteen new discs and an 80-page tome for your delectation.

Quick rundown:

KSV 094 Tom Smith - Yet Flying I (Coyne Meditation 2006)

KSV 285 Smith Jaspers Stencil - Warzsawa

KSV 288 Savor Embryology - Crown Octavo

KSV 289 Paranoid Leather - Test Burst Atoll

KSV 290 Wool Letterer - Versus Ass, Between Age

KSV 291 Adamant Slurs - Stress Tartan Seedbed

 KSV 292 Vat Tong - Potent Topmost

 KSV 294 Ski Anon - vs. Casual Relations

 KSV 295 Mortgage of Sin - Victoria Winter Diary

KSV 296 Holzrelief - Kaput Dampf-Rave

KSV 297 Jorge Boehringer / Core of the Coalman - Viola Solos (Suspicious)

 KSV 299 The Illusory Abbé - Nihilists and Slavs

KSV 302 Veith Elsper - Tröpfchen

KSV 197 Tom Smith - Victims' Youthquake Style (80-page phototome)

So, this is the overview. Some have been delayed (KSV 094 since 2010!), and the others are new, albeit long in development or lazily sprawled atop the post-production veranda.

Prices and info on Sunday, when these will be made available for your orders (or exclamations of disgust).

Editions of 20 on all the discs; KSV's books are printed to order and have no expiration date.

Great thanks for your continued interest and support...

Love, as always,


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