Saturday, July 21, 2007

IM Excerpt: Live from Baghdad

Below, please find this text extract from my earlier Google Talk chat with my son Evan. He's currently stationed in Iraq...


Evan: well we nearly escaped being hit by an enormous IED and after it went off we started taking mortar rounds

Tom: shit... again, fuck the president. fuck everyone in the administration who put you and your fellow soldiers and marines in iraq. and osama can kiss my ass as well, all the way from waziristan.

Evan: i h
ave video of the ied

DAMN! Is it posted anywhere?

Evan: it's on my camera

Tom: Insane...

Evan: the way my camera was zoomed it look far away but i was only like 100 meters from it. in the video you can hear me say "sweet! i got it!" lol

Tom: your depends are tougher than mine. i'd be leaving a train of poop for 50 meters in every direction.

Evan: its funny the shit that does not bother you when the mortar rounds started coming in. i was in my ASV. well, the ac went out in it, so the only way we could ride in it without burning up and suffocating from the heat was to have all the hatches open. i was in the turret of the asv, standing in the open, when BOOM i saw the mortar hit at the back of the convoy. then they started coming in closer on by one - BOOM BOOM BOOM one after another and our convoy was stopped because of the aforementioned ied...


Think you're having a bad day?


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