Monday, January 25, 2010

KSV Box: Evidencing Sulfur's Proofs...

Hello Again,

Folding album sleeves while the CP watches a documentary on German "hobby whores." Life, in all of its desperate occlusions, still fucking wails.

Dropped off the last load of printing for the qNadsat 50-disc set earlier this evening, so a Wednesday mail assault looks quite probable. Burning discs for a late box order simultaneously with the aforementioned spindling; it might have to go out next week, Herr O, but as each set takes a few days to prep we'd merely be on schedule, as opposed to wracked and wearied. Cool?

The next batch of releases will include my long-delayed photobook as well. Very limited edition of ten copies, four of which are already spoken for. Box purchasers are receiving one for free...

Hope everyone is holding on tight to a loved one. It's the only bloody thing that matters, etc.

(Above, the work in progress.)


44 Thumbs, A-Z: #7

Thumbnails from the late Hermine Freed's groundbreaking 1974 video essay Art Herstory...

More about the director and her renowned work here.

Yours Faithfully,


KSV: Reattached Nisei Mist...

Hello Again,

Over the largest of the hurdles re shipping What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz? The sets should be in the post no later than Wednesday afternoon. All other orders ought to be on their way by Friday afternoon. It's entirely possible that our flight decks will at last be cleared!

(Only two boxes left, by the way. Weigh your options, take the leap.)

Coming as soon as the extant orders are en route: Panagiotis A. Stathis - Selected Works 2004-2009; Peach of Immortality with Patrick Miller (Minimal Man) - Live, Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC, 1984 (your minds will be completely fucking obliterated by this one); The Complete Tora Tora Tora Recordings (everything from my 1996 "post-noise" festival, a 14-disc set including performances by an almost-reformed Electric Eels, Simeon Coxe (Silver Apples), Harry Pussy, Flying Luttenbachers, an infamously uproarious set from Frosty, TLASILA, many others, and of course, a document of Silly Art Fick #25 with full sets from Child Abuse, Jan van Hasselt, Family Battle Snake, Steve Warwick, and excerpts from my DJ set.

Many thanks again for the kind words of condolence offered after the death of my father...



Happy New Year from the Harz...

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