Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Back...

Hello All,

We've just returned from Paris. More on this, the new Show Fruit series, etc., later today!

Exhausted, have to sleep... Adieu!


TLASILA: Show Fruit (Série B) 05...

Hi Again,

The CP and I, failing apocalyptic calamity, are still relaxing in Paris. (This was posted prior to our departure.) Many thanks for your continued support, you hairy lil' fuckers. Salut!

TLASILA - Show Fruit (Série B) 05: Wild Mangosteen

Assembled from extracts of the following archival recordings:

TLASILA - Live, Cinema Oblo, Lausanne (12 May 08); TLASILA - "And Hammer, the Crown of Thorns" (from the original, unreleased version of Where a Horse Has Been Standing and Where You Belong, 4 July 95); TLASILA/KF 36 - "Like Trip Hammers" (from Peter Criss vs. Peter Christopherson, 1995-1998); TLASILA - "ME 262," recorded for an unreleased Bulb compilation, April 1995; TLASILA - "Blandina, Oberwilding '77" (live, Churchill's, Miami, 20 July 95); TLASILA - Live, United Club, Torino (6 May 08); TLASILA - "I What Dampness Did" (from Commmmiinngggg! and Practis'd the Black Art, 1996).

05B Wild Mangosteen (8:15)

Composed, edited, mixed and produced by TS for TLASILA.



Another poorly brewed coffee, please ma'am,


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