Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In 2001, Kim Ki-Duk Most Certainly Was God...

Quick Sunday-Monday recap: hung with neue squeez-let CC in ATL, drinking down loads of vid. On the 13th, the DVD action comprised Georges Franju's immortal, indelible Les Yeux sans Visage and Sergio Martino's earnestly blatant Your Vice Is a Locked Door and Only I Have the Key.

Before hunkering down, C suggested Ethiopian. The eats weren't as good as others I've enjoyed (DC's Blue Nile is still tops in my book), with appetizers way bland and veg main courses somewhat samey. Too many fat suburban fucktards in the joint to boot. I've already forgotten the name of the place, but that's probably for the best.

Monday evening found us at the Tara, queueing for G. Clooney's well-helmed Good Night and Good Luck. Post-vidbarn, we peeped Jean-Pierre Melville's sweet (tho period-paced) '67 procedural Le Samourai (just issued by Criterion) and Korean cranioclast Kim Ki-Duk's UNBELIEVABLY FUCKING AMAZING 2001 whore-thug melo-tragedy Bad Guy. I'd previously absorbed a few of Kim's films, but this was my first time through BG. (Cyn's too.) We were in heaven...

More on KK-D in this forum soon soon soon. It's soooo great to get this excited about a filmmaker again. (If you've not yet viewed Bad Guy, GO NOW and RETRIEVE.)

Pre-cine, Vietnamese vegetarian lunch, and a trip to one of the city's international farmer's markets. CC opted for kimchee, and I snagged a hamper-sized bag of wasabi peas. Then we tricked all the workers into signing themselves into prostitution...

I've been promising music updates for the last few postings, and will probably get around to writing one tomorrow.

Hail Satan,


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