Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Daniel Steven Crafts - Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony

(1982, Lutra Recordings LR 1001 LP.)

Side A (Soap Opera Suite)

01 The Essence of Melodrama
02 The Art of Hearing / Brief Interlude: The Woods
03 Living in Fragments
04 The Conversation / Brief Interlude: The Telephone Call
05 The "Human Condition"

Side B (Snake Oil Symphony)

01 I
02 II
03 III
04 IV
05 V
06 VI
07 VII

Recorded, edited, and produced by Daniel Steven Crafts.


About the album:

The soap opera piece simply collages untreated recordings of day time soaps as recorded from TV, so that there appears to be a linkage (emotional, plot, character, etc.) between all the fragments. The irony, though, is that this collage approach replicates the way in which soap operas work : by serialization, where anything can lead to anything else irrespective of logics or narrative codes. Soap operas actually don't have endings - they just keep going. This piece works in exactly the same way, playing with our inherent tendency to make sense of things by making connections between them. The Snake Oil piece deals with similar materials (ranting ads from TV) but this time plays more on the textures of the voices and what emotional/symbolic/semiotic effect they contribute to our experience of such vocal 'hard sells.'


The vinyl version is extant! Grab it while you may...

Someone Demanded a Fitting Room... (prelude)

But not these guys...

(Not that they shouldn't have, considering it took each more than half a minute to select and don the evening's ensemble...)

(Travis Morgan, 404 Noise festival coordinator, Black Meat brass and woodwinds.)

(Graham Moore, Blossoming Noise CFO, Black Meat pipe organ stops.)


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