Monday, September 03, 2007

TLASILA: Think Tank Video #1 (25 Aug 07)

Below, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan and Graham Moore lay down the backing track for "Til Their Legs Gave Way" during the first hours of Think Tank recording for our forthcoming Cortege album. Rat Bastard may be seen floating in and out of frame, and Don Fleming bolts into the mise en scène at the conclusion of the take. Your faithful correspondent is solely responsible for the half-assed documentation - reckon I was low on caffeine!



TLASILA: WFMU Session, 27 Aug 07

Good Morning...

Below, please find a folio of images from our third and most recent session for Brian Turner and our ever-gracious comrades at WFMU. We'll have screengrabs from the session as soon as the video has been previewed.

(Over-documentation is our primary vice. In addition to the 260 photos that I took over the long weekend, I filled two DV tapes with sequences shot at Sightings' rehearsal space, the Think Tank, 'FMU, and Goodbye Blue Monday. Ben, Graham, Chris and Patrick also took a great many snaps on both digital cameras and cell phones.)

We'll sort it all out eventually...


(Snaps / vidcaps by TS and Graham Moore.)

TLASILA: Think Tank, Day Two, 5PM-11:50PM


Below, please find evidence of our theft of Lee Ranaldo's guitar pedals during the second half of the final day of recording The Cortege at the Think Tank in Hoboken. Pith and bile to follow...


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