Thursday, March 23, 2006

TS-Related Semi-Rarities, Part 1

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Silver Apples - Decatur
(Whirlybird Records WR106 CD, 1998)

Following December 1996's Tora Tora Tora festival, I invited Simeon Coxe and his oscillators down to Atlanta to record an album with me at Microgroove Studios. Decatur was the result of our efforts.

We tracked for a week during the spring of '97, and Simeon and his two young charges (Michael Lerner and Xian Hawkins) seemed well pleased.

With the help of WRAS-FM's Yancy Yohannon, a co-headlining gig (with Harry Pussy) was organized. The Apples went down a storm. Big grins, free drinks, lotsa palaver, etc.

I spent a couple of months getting the mix where I wanted it, and then passed it on to Whirlybird.

We enjoyed a raucous listening party at the Orlando home of Obliterati's Nadeem Khan, and expectations were high...

Of course, Decatur was rather harshly panned at the time of its release, and fell quickly out of print.

Wanna give it a listen?

01 Decatur (42:10)


Composed and performed by Silver Apples: Simeon Coxe (oscillators and keyboards), Xian Hawkins (keyboards), and Michael Lerner (percussion).

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Tom Smith.

File size: 98.2 MB / Ripped at 320 kbps


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