Monday, April 07, 2008

While We're Away...

Hello Again,

Big freakin’ day tomorrow. Driving over to Jacksonville (our Patrick Spurlock and his lovely fiancée Pamela Johnson are doing the honors), boarding a Delta flight (I hear your groans, and I’m with you), and then jetting over the pond to commiserate with our Euro Shavelings and Mr. Sudden Infant himself, Joke Lanz. Insanely psyched - I’ve not been able to sleep since Thursday, and although that’s not always such a terrific omen (I suffer from the occasional bout of insomnia), in this case the incipient thrills are palpable. Gotta grab Joke from Orly on the morning of the 9th, and then we race into Lille for our first encounter with the unknown. The second gig is a big-ass festival, and afterwards, the itinerary just gets more insane. We lose Sudden Infant after Praha but we soon gain the great Gaybomb (aka Andrew Barranca), perhaps Chris Grier (if he can extract himself from bureaucratic tendrils in DC), maybe Billy Taylor (last seen live with TLASILA at L.A.’s Pehrspace in ’07), and maybe even one of our co-founders, should all the prayer wheels align. In the clutch Euro-Shave positions we’ll have Sickboy Milkplus, Orphan Fiarytale, and lovesick traps demon Balazs Pandi. This ain’t your dad’s TLASILA (in fact, we’re limning this iteration TLASILA 666, in honor of Mr. Pandi’s nom de travail, "666 Cent"), but then your dad didn’t know that much about us anyhow.

Lots more info - and the inevitable posts over our network of sites - to come.

While we’re away, please refrain from ordering any CDs, unless of course you’re inclined to wait seven weeks for a shipment. If you send a PayPal request tonight, I can have an order in the mail for you in the morning. Otherwise, hold off until June 1.


Note: as of Monday at noon, our first album, 30-minuten männercreme, is officially sold out! There are a few reserve copies I can send if any last-minute orders arrive, but after I hit the road with Patrick I’m considering the disc OOP. It took 14 years to sell 1,500 copies, but at least they’re all gone. (Sniff...) I’m taking the last twenty copies I was able to scrounge from the late Gerard Klauder’s larder to Europe, and unless they all fail to move, it’s goodbye to 30-mm. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy over the last three centuries. Salut!

I’ve more chores to attend to, so I’ll bid you all adieu until tomorrow.



Barely Recognizable Figures, Pigeon-Liver'd...

TLASILA - J.J. Burnel vs. The Breeders

Taught sign language at a number of schools before settling in the railroad yards with a courier of fingertips...


(Two tracks, 6.64 MB, ripped @ 320; from the second of the three discs compiled from our Each Little House We Embroidered series.)



Enthralls the crimson stomacher's tattooed climb,


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