Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Evil ones, hello! Hello!

We've snapped out of our coma especially for YOU. As promised, as delayed, as promised and delayed again: eight slabs of asphalt ripped from mixed metaphors and presented for your delectation by Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Editions of 15.

2008-2009 pricing, re KSV's fifth-year anniversary. Eurozone, €7.49 postpaid. Elsewhere, €9 postpaid. PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.


(KSV 361) Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore - Oberdeck 11. März

 (KSV 360) Grizzly Imploded - Autotomia

 (KSV 359) T/SMS - Kuzka's Mother

(KSV 317) Paranoid Leather - Subkontra-Oktave (Sturmglocke 20130330)

 (KSV 316) Correspondence Digest - Frame Within the Frame

(KSV 315) Ecimusd - Live, Sturmglocke, Hannover (30. März)

 (KSV 314) Ava Mendoza's Unnatural Ways - Sturmglocke: 20130216

(KSV 313) Esme Contusion - Please Stop Yammering About the Blood


Many thanks for your interest and patience. KSV is a life diary. Events intervene, subside...


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