Monday, September 01, 2008

Sledding Under X-Rays into Troughs of Radon...

Woozlebug- Mullicana (Songs Sprung from Spongs)

(1996, Mourning Frost Recordings MF001 LP, out of print.)

An unspeakably great effort from Greg Chapman's short-lived lysergic terror cabal...

I trust you'll overlook my obvious bias, and allow me this belated lamentation for woof'd warblers W'bug!



(136 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original master.)

Part 1
/ Part 2


From the insert:

Recorded live to reel sometime twixt 10/95 & 8/96 at LZ X-Ray, Eaville, NJ

Edited at Bridge Unsafe, Lower Bank, NJ

Mastered by Tom Smith at Microgroove, Atlanta, GA

Layout: Bill Jackson, Backburner Communications

Design: Furnace & Forge



Bruce Anderson - mossbunker bass
Greg Chapman - toxic foxfire guitars
Paul Glaser - teutronics & samples
Evan Light - Moog Monk
Guy Wilde - ex-drummer


Thanks to Steffy, Mike Kelly, Tom Smith & the Shave, Simeon & Silver Apples, Temple of Bon Matin, Blacktail Ltd. & Astrocade, Six Finger Satellite, Dim Mak, Thee Hydrogen Terrors, Bunny Brains, L.A. Video in Pleasantville, White House Subs in Atlantic City, Lower Bank Tavern, Pine Barren Liquors, Scandals and all the go-go joints in South Jersey, WLFR, Imperial Studios, Antiquarium, Pages of the Past & Present, 177th Fighter Group, Chris Abbott, Henry Charlton Beck, Emma Van Sant Moore, Nucky Johnson & Spret's...

"I Always Root for the Underdog or the American Side." - Master Sergeant Himes


Due to the greentail that got away, the actual song order is as follows:

Side A:

Flying Hoof
Olde Fogdog
Swamp Gas Air Force
Moon Over Lower Bank
Pine Hawker's Bane

Side B:

Jersey Iron Never Rusts
Bog Hob Boogie
Ore Raiser

all songs copyright 1996 Mullica Arcana


"This record is dedicated to the memory of Shannon Wilsey."

Vagina-Americans Unite! (In Abortion Prison!)

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A Film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, directed by Jonás Cuarón.

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