Thursday, February 09, 2006

Peeking Out from Under...

Hello, still here, but listing due to the 10-foot wash of university obligations. (Papers always make me wet.) Apologies, etc. Regarding the rarities posts, never fear: swag looms. I've been attending to the (always thrilling) tasks of ID3 tag and normalization contour agreement, bitrate matching, and file integrity testing. (In plain old Ukrainian, Я хочу бути упевненим, що звуки матеріалів добре і надає вам адекватну інформацію.) Vedder Vedder Bedwetter (for all its gargantuan oafishness) and "Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell have been completely remastered, and I've pulled seven or eight gigabytes of unreleased and/or otherwise unobtainable material for inclusion.

This turned out to be a much larger undertaking than I'd imagined. TLASILA have probably recorded several thousand hours of music (stretch that definition any way you see fit) since 1991; selecting 150 minutes of that store has been surprisingly difficult. (That's also why you won't be seeing a Peach of Immortality compilation anytime soon - the amount of extant material is simply overwhelming. What the Hell were we thinking?)

So, I haven't forgotten. Three more papers to write, then on to the uploads.


P.S. I'm more than aware that those thousands of hours of To Live and Shave recordings (and a very healthy slice of the POI larder) conceal a fuckload of dross. I tend to document failures, delirious accidents, and the occasional succès d'estime with equivalent avidity. I'll do my damnedest to parse the platinum from the p-orridge...

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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