Friday, May 11, 2007

WNUR (Evanston) Stealth Session / MoCAD (Detroit) Creep

(Photos uploaded May 20, 2007.)

Such a relief to encounter pro-minded collaborators along the death route, and the student technicians at Northwestern U delivered the goods for our brief but oh-so-satisfying session at WNUR. Can't praise their efforts fervently enough. We debuted another new piece, "Not Taking No," and reprised "Rounds of the Great Estates," a song first aired on KFJC two weeks earlier. Fifteen minutes, a perfect Peel length, and out the door we flew.


Great to see old friends at MoCAD. The Wolf Eyes/Hair Police/Hanson Records nexus were representin' in the (bloody mammoth) space, and although we failed to match Lightning Bolt's thousand-strong mob from weeks previous, the eleven-odd mofos assembled likely summoned congruent levels of cognitive dissonance. Aaron Dilloway and Andy Ortmann (Panicsville / Nihilist Records) joined us, and without succumbing to foul hubris I gotta tell ya that the set went exceedingly well. Opening salvos from Nate Young (collaborating for the first time with Kyle from the ever-righteous Lambsbread) and the aforementioned Mr. Dilloway set an agreeably rigorous tone.

Great night.


More pix from Graham and Ben's cameras as soon as the larder is assembled...



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