Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News from HQ

Lots going on... Mark Morgan's opted out of the September tour. He's got some gnarly schedule conflicts to deal with, not the least of which is Sightings bassist Richard Hoffman's upcoming nuptials... It's a bummer, but as we're a collective (blah blah, etc.) we must absorb the blow and deal. Mark is much beloved here, and I'll definitely miss him on the cross-country jaunt. As we've not begun to exhaust the possibilities inherent in our collaboration, I consider MM an active, albeit non-participating (at least for the autumnal trek), member of the group. Tears are being shed, old bean.

His performances on Noon are wonderfully sinuous and evocative. (Constant readers have likely surmised as much.) He possesses a near-faultless sense of intuition.

Sightings fanatics can relate, right?

(Mark Morg'n and Benji W ruling at the Bug Jar, Rochester, NY, September 2004. Snap by CG.)

What else? Still assembling the interior sleeve art - that's the final obstacle to be cleared. Ben Wolcott and Syd Garon are racing against the clock to deliver the goods. After it's been approved, off to the plant.

The tour dates are being reconfigured again; now it looks as though we'll begin west of NYC, zigzag around the heartland, zoom through Detroit into Canada, and drive east from there. After Montreal, we'll drop south and finish the tour in Manhattan/Brooklyn/etc. I'll post updated info as soon as I have it...

We're pushing hard to finalize the itinerary; this shit has taken too long, and I'm as agitated as a purveyor of sweetness and light can be.

Fanny has answered the call! He's going to be participating in the Noon remix project we plan to release in 2007. If you haven't heard his new album, Shoebomb Hurricane, you're sleeping. I suggest you run out and grab it immediately. ('Cos it rips.)


Other 2007 news: TLASILA will be releasing new (and maybe archival) music via labels based in France (Savage Land) and Israel (Ron-Zed). Naturally, we're stoked.

That's all for now.

Yrz Internally,


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