Monday, November 30, 2009

And Yes, We Survived...

Yesterday was a blur, but thankfully not an album by Blur. (Of course, given the desiccated condition of at least one of our brains, perhaps "Trouble on the Message Centre" or "Inertia" would suffice as a substitute theme, if the story of Sunday's hangover was filmed by Brett Ratner...) We ate Vietnamese takeout, watched His Girl Friday, and pulled through.

And the 100 Jahre Musik II party at Silke was excellent, so...

No further complaints.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Karl Schmidt Verlag: Free Album Available for Download!

Hello All,

I began the Karl Schmidt Verlag label in November 2008, shortly after my move to Hannover, Germany.

Envisioned as a wholly private imprint, KSV does no press, issues no promo materials, and is intended strictly for enthusiasts. KSV caters to the advanced aesthetics of its customers by offering micro-edition releases of artworks that defy, renounce, disrupt and dismember the usual, deadening contemporary tropes and wan "extremes."

We publish music, books, the odd short film collection. Some of you have them all.

(Thank you!)

To show our gratitude, we've prepared a free, album-length mega-mix version of the first 47 albums released on KSV.

KSV 057 Hussey He Sisters - Karl Schmidt Verlag Master Mix Nov 2009

If you want it, take it.

Go here!

Of course, if you didn't realize we existed, and thus didn't know - depending on your inclinations - what you were missing, then we have only been doing our job. I trust you'll forgive us if we adopt a less private stance, at least for this brief moment...


About KSV 057:

Hussey He Sisters - Karl Schmidt Verlag Master Mix Nov 2009 (KSV 057)

Compiled, mixed and produced by Hussey He Sisters at KSV HQ, Hannover, on November 27-28.

01 KSV Master Mix Nov 2009 (52:14)

Artwork by Karl.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Unlimited edition.


Vielen Dank!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Consumerist, with thanks:

And by all means, follow this up with a well-deserved break:


Apologies for cobbling this together from others' suggestions, but here in Deutschland, the November gluttony-fest means nothing. I didn't even remember it was T'giving until the CP reminded me...

That noted, I trust everyone ate as much as they preferred without remorse or reason!



Lo, Frenetic!

Yours truly on the platform in Ahlten, murdering time before the train home...

Driving inhibits proper note-taking,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nerd Alert!

Saturnian aurorae. Hypercool...

Enlarged Ro1exeS...

(Amended 30 Nov 09.)

An action-slathered afternoon of people watching: our Ed Hardy plague is infinitely more malign than the most virulent strain of Schweine-Grippe, and the continued prevalence (inside our Hauptbahnhof) of full-length Matrix faux-leathers and multi-buckled rave bells as signifiers of otherness would give even Hegel pause re the efficacy of dialectic... At Rossmann (equivalent to Walgreens Stateside, albeit without the day-long queues for service), an exceedingly drab salarywoman purchased a bright yellow 12-pack of "Fruity and Fun" condoms. One hoped she'd later be shooting an interracial gang-bang at her flat in Hildesheim. (Or Celle, etc.) Shortly after, a Down's teen in an orange safety vest walked slowly over and stood uncomfortably close to me. Nothing necessarily untoward in his approach, of course, but awkward proximity begets muted shuffling. Finally, on the train to Ahlten, a tall woman hungrily downing a bagel failed to notice two long, white hairs stuck to the crumpled left knee section of her pale beige tights. The fibers were illuminated by the dim afternoon light, thus visible to all, but she was in a literal blind spot...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KSV Preview Files: New New New!

Hi Again,

If you like the sweet taste of death, we've got the Maroon 5 appliqué neckerchiefs you crave.

Click here to download the second of KSV's November 2009 preview files, including segments from Crvi's Two Adaptive Behavior Collisions, Tomoko Sauvage's Wholklang: 14. Nov, and Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova's Salon am Lichtenbergplatz albums.

There's also a message from Karl!

(Click for a larger version.)


Sleep well, lil' droogies,


Hot Off the Teletype from KSV!

Hello Good People!

Very happy to present the latest micro-edition from Karl Schmidt Verlag:

KSV 056 Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova - Salon am Lichtenbergplatz

This is the complete aktion from Sunday evening, minus ten unnecessarily recorded minutes of random post-performance gab. Those in attendance witnessed a transcendent set from Olga and Alexei, one that evoked the sounds of garbled line readings broadcast from blasted obsidian sets of outer-galactic, multi-species melodramas. Just terrific.

I joined the duo for a short collaborative set afterwards; all has been stitched together, sans the usual interim shuffling and shifting.


Alexei Borisov - voice, electronics
Olga Nosova - voice, electronics, and percussion


Tom Smith - voice and texts

01 Complete Performance (43:31)

Edition of 15.



As usual. € 8.49 EU / € 10.00 elsewhere / €1 for each additional album


Many, many thanks!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova...

(Amended and expanded 24 Nov 09.)

Hi Again,

Sunday night marked the debut of our Salon am Lichtenbergplatz series, and we were pleased to welcome Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova into our home for the occasion.

It was great to see Alexei again (I first met him in Moscow in 2002 during the inaugural OHNE tour), and a kick to become acquainted with the ebullient Ms. Nosova. They arrived from Berlin shortly after 4PM our time, and by 8:45 attendees were streaming through the doors.

The duo performed an intensely hypnotic half-hour set, followed by a pair of improvisations with yours unholy. It was an exhilarating evening.

Many thanks to Shoobi and Pit for their technical expertise. All credit to the CP for conceiving of and organizing the salon.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vulcanizes Lid Genii...

From 3 Quarks Daily, via Sullivan, a representation of futility:


Must leave soon to retrieve Alexei and Olga at the central station. More on their visit in the next post!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

KSV Preview Vid: Crvi / Wohlklang 14. Nov...

Hi Again,

Here's the new promo vid for the Crvi and Wohlklang 14. Nov releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag:


Eyes are bleary,


Earlier Worms...

Hello Again,

Those of you who ordered the Crvi (KSV 051) and Wohlklang: 14. Nov (KSV 055) albums haven't long to wait, as the packages shipped just a few minutes ago.

Herr Bruno B's parcel was the first out the coop:

(Click for a larger version...)

Drop us a line when you've received your swag, please. Karl and I value your thirst for blood...

Bis Dann,


Friday, November 20, 2009

Two New Releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag!

(Amended and expanded 24 Nov 09.)

Goodlier Holes!

The CP is listening to "Heart and Soul", the second bottle of red has drained away, Tobi is gesticulating midway through a disquisition on pink pepper chocolate, and I've crawled away from the kitchen just long enough to spill the pintos on the two newest KSV orthostats!

Threaded foray? Sehr gut!


KSV 051 Crvi - Two Adaptive Behavioral Collisions

Crvi document rusted hulks, calcified electrodes, lost opportunities, and lingering doubts. The duo of Zizic and Mihovilovic hail from Split, Croatia, and their machines have achieved a malign sort of independence. We are pleased by the sounds they refuse to make...


Crvi: power/electronics

01 Two Adaptive Behavior Collisions (29:44)
02 Version (TS mix) (29:47)

Edition of 15.


KSV 055 Wohlklang: 14. Nov (Tomoko Sauvage)

Tomoko Sauvage lives in Paris, and sleeps in the welcoming mouth of a manta. She conjures arid vistas with bowls of water.

As (my Three Resurrected Drunkards partner) Pit Noack noted after Sauvage's performance, she could have turned the master gain of her mixer much louder, but she wisely demurred.

Nature is slow, quiet, and incredibly destructive, one drop at a time...


Tomoko Sauvage - water, bowls, hydrophones and microphones, cups, flexible poles

01 Complete Performance (33:50)
02 Version (TS mix) (33:50)

Edition of 15.


We're going out to Faust now, so I'll have to fill in the details (and upload sound/audio files) on the morrow. If you trust our obscenely high quality, don't require further info, and chose to order now, your panting parcels will go out in the morning's post!

Prices as always: € 8.49 each for the EU, and €10.00 everywhere else.

Gotta run!


Tom (Karl says Hallo too!)

Repenting Omit Worry...

Below, find a perfect segment from the (woeful, but in rosy retrospect, weirdly comforting) early 80s NBC series Real People.

Cheers to occasional KSV collaborator Tobias Prinz for the link!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

PB: Hun Daybreak Lust...

Pandi Balázs, sombre éminence of TLASILA, Rope Cosmetology, and dozens of other aggregations, on the occasion of Budapest's "Mashkultre B-Day."

Nagyon elegáns, testvér...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ranked Druthers: Terser Reducer...

Guten Tag,

Last night, Three Resurrected Drunkards met for the first time since our August stand at Baukasten. We rehearsed a new composition, ran through Rope Cosmetology's "I Must Mourn" (which we've adopted in the interim), discussed upcoming performance opportunities (we'll probably do a set soon at Wohlklang), and drank Pit's bitter, strangely satisfying coffee.

(Click for larger versions...)

Below, an audio excerpt, comprised of segments extracted from the various session takes.



Drank darker crusts,


Salvaged Emirs, Damages Livers...

Received the Magas track for the Grief remix box... Greatness, as expected.

Thank you Jim!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Evening Recap...

Hello Everyone,

The CP and I are relaxing in the torpid aftermath of an action-smothered weekend. We just watched Tatort, and before, we tucked into Judd Apatow's most recent feature, Funny People.

(Which was very good. Trust us.)

Last night was exceedingly schizophrenic. We began with a Tomoko Suavage performance at Hannover's newest salon, Wohlklang. Très intime, superb all around. (There will be a KSV release.) This was followed by a colossal energy suck at Silke. (Exceedingly dire musical act, sub-standard DJ sets.) But, no need to gripe further. At least there were caches of simulated cocaine throughout the club...

(One of Ms. Suavage's axes. Click for a larger version.)

(Powdered sugar ODs rose dramatically between the hours of midnight and seven... Click, etc.)

Wish you all could have been there for Madamoiselle Suavage's set. Next time, drinks are on YOU.



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm: Reconquer Sleep or Disappear


Consider yourselves on notice!

Why? Coming early 2010 on Savage Land:

Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm - Reconquer Sleep or Disappear

Composed and performed by TS/KD, mixed and produced by TS, mastered by Weasel Walter, design by Karl Schmidt & Tobias Prinz.



Keep yr eyes pilloried,


Entropy + Lethargy = Propulsive Polyphony...

Perhaps I should have applied this perfect aesthetic solvent to dissolve the complex grid of knots at the midpoint of the eternal TLASILA impasse.

Ladies and gents, Tex & Erobique. Watch it from beginning to end for the payoff...

(Vleien dank to the CP for the link!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rivulets of Grief...

Good Morning,

The stragglers have awakened! Aussie sound demon Toecutter is completing his submission, and longtime Shavian comrade Newton will soon be fixing hellish hot rails to his mix. Three discs of madness, on their way to you, the faithful. I've updated the poster...

Watched (90% of) Jerzy Skolimowski's astounding, hallucinatory 1966 film Bariera last night with the CP.

(Jan Nowicki, on the always-smouldering suitcase, and the legs of Joanna Szczerbic, in Jerzy Skolimowski's near-perfect Bariera.)

Sleep intervened, but not from disenchantment - we'd already spent over an hour with Monday's Daily Show and the final (season three) episode of Mad Men, and as working stiffs, stamina extends only so far. Will lose myself in the remainder of Bariera later in the afternoon...



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply: Howl a Lil' Bit Longer...

The last minute submissions are flowing; the final mix (from the great Achim Wollscheid!) should be on my desk any day now. So, a reason to celebrate...

(Click above to view a larger version of the image.)

This album will be a sick, crippling beast.

Many thanks to the participating artists for coming through, and to John at Important for letting go at the proper juncture. Much of the credit goes to executive producer Graham Moore, about whom only absurdly flattering oaths need be flung. You ruled... And sincere thanks to Jakub at MonotypeRec for everything above and beyond the call.

Yours Faithfully,


Monday, November 09, 2009


(Amended 10 Nov 09.)

Yanks possessing even the thinnest, least functioning neural filaments should be royally pissed about the Stupak amendment to the House health care reform bill.

Florida Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks for many sentient Americans:

Contributor mcjoan at Kos goes into greater detail here.



Sunday, November 08, 2009


(Amended 10 Nov 09.)

This is very, very nice:

Bill Orcutt and Paul Hession, performing live at Colour Out of Space in Brighton, England, October 31.

"Splendid" doesn't quite cover it. It's just great to see Bill performing again... Kudos of course to Herr Hession, who artfully details the void.



Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Sharing a floor tom with Jesus while he's discovering MDMA..."

Ladies and germs! Presenting a completely insane video from our very own Balazs Pandi, now a super-relaxed TV mega-star!

Balazs told me that chatting with a parade of crazily hot ladies was akin to "Having the best imaginable sex with the ugliest possible woman."

Who would dare disagree?


Rögtön az első tartalommal ellátott posztbeirásának napján sikerült rottyra elintéznem magam olyan szinten hogy még Paksi " sok volt a kínálgató jóbarát és ezért énekképtelenre ittam magam, amin a többi zenésztársam és a közönség is kiakadt " Endre is megirigyelhetett volna. Ez mondjuk teljesen normális hiszen egy csütörtöki napról beszélünk... A video önmagáért beszél, illetve a benne elhangzó zenék is :-D Tegnap voltam a Corvin tetőn DJ-zni, ma ne induljatok neki :-)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Hereafter's Envy Song...

Got my copy of the new Stooges 1971 live box today.

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)



Thursday, November 05, 2009

Here's Your Avant-Garde, Folks...

The incredible Pinch, coupled with the perfectly wound vocals of Massive Attack's Yolanda? End of story. This is worth a trillion (cretinous, credible, whatever) noise exercises. Save those, please, and make more of these.

No, scratch that. Make less of the known. This is a perfect fusion, but already it's time to move on. Thankfully, this imperative is being heeded, and with CERN particle-crushing speed. Move on, move on, move on!


Advantage, Nosier Tots...

This is cooler than cool...


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Re: Sprengel Visit...

Hannover is fairly stuffed with museums, but the Sprengel, despite its heavy-handed gallery security policy, is perhaps the best of the lot. This city was the home of Dadaist extraordinaire Kurt Schwitters, and thus it's no surprise the museum has a large, very impressive collection of his works. The CP and I moved slowly through the warren of interlocking rooms, luxuriating.

I sank into his 1920 assemblage, Merzbild Einunddreissig ("Merz 31").

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)


Claudia's favorite work that day was Emil Nolde's breathtaking Der Schwärmer, from 1919. Nolde's astonishing colors explode from the canvas...

After four hours, we ran out of steam. We'll go back again soon...


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Un être supérieur...

RIP, good sir.

"Mr. Lévi-Strauss rescued his subjects from this limited perspective. Beginning with the Caduveo and Bororo tribes in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, where he did his first and primary fieldwork, he found among them a dogged quest not just to satisfy material needs but also to understand origins, a sophisticated logic that governed even the most bizarre myths, and an implicit sense of order and design, even among tribes that practiced ruthless warfare..."

Read the complete New York Times obit here.

Trim Drossy Cherub...

Another mix pulls into HQ, and once again my jaw hits the floor. Chrissy Murderbot, ladies and gentlemen!

As I wrote earlier on F'c'b'k, "All hail youth!" Tremendous grasp of context, terrific mix, and worthy of any dancefloor, whether it be Bristol, Berlin, Antares VI, etc.

This box is gonna be outrageous.


Monday, November 02, 2009

TLASILA History: 1990 to the Present? Ja.

(Amended 3-4 Nov 09.)

Hello Again,

Now that I've transferred the raw files for the Menlo Park retrospective from DVD-Rs (64 of 'em, to be precise) to a now-swollen external drive, perhaps it's time to lay out a plan for the box (or whatever packaging format or apparatus the music will ultimately be housed in), and retrace the history of the collective. As you are doubtless aware, we have never been at odds with each other, have never uttered a cross word or calumnious oath at the mention of another member of the organization (which in 2009 has raised nearly $143 million for açaí and pomegranate research), and are in complete accord with everything that is, was, and shall ever be with To Live and Shave in L.A.

In other words, we have been riven with acrimony and discord for ages, but despite the rock and roll stations, we will deliver the amputations. This record will set your timelines to Year Zero. (1990.)

Why 1990? Because that's when the first TLASILA demos were recorded. May 1990, to be precise. There were two tracks originally, one titled "Jad," the other, "Neil." I sent a copy of them to Don Fleming for feedback, and he gave me his thumbs-up for both the new direction and the moniker.

(Peach of Immortality was inching toward more overtly composed structures in early 1990, especially with the unissued "Ponyfur"/"180 Grady" single, recorded for Ned Hayden's doomed Primo Scree imprint. The tracks, admittedly too fucked for publication and done in more of a rush than necessary, contained no vocal elements or text, but their jumbled aesthetic informed the initial [1991-2] Shavian sound. And, as you may recall from previous posts, once I'd ogled the box art for Ron Jeremy's 1986 low-budget, low-lighting, low-IQ, low-everything vid To Live and Shave in L.A., I swooned, chortled, and proclaimed to myself on the spot - Valdosta, Georgia's still extant Video Warehouse, sometime in the autumn of 1988 - that I would appropriate the pitiable handle for my next project.)

With Don's imprimatur secured, I made two additional TLASILA demos in July 1990. The first contained two tracks, "U-Waft," and "Live For...," and the second, recorded 12-15 July, had three compositions, "'Toast to...'," "Prod. Beds," and "Nothing U Waft (loop ii.)."

That's 42:56 of TLASILA, laid down and sent round to intimates (DF, Mike Green, Tim Seaton, Fred Ware, and probably Greg Chapman, although memory blurs re GC) by the middle of 1990. The die was cast. (In pleather.)


Matters always tend to get confused. As Peach of Immortality, Tim and I worked for several years on an album called Taxi zum Shoah. Given POI's astonishing, uninterrupted record of abject commercial failure, 95% of the labels which were sent the final, 1989 mix of TzS passed on it without comment. But, in late 1990, Noiseville, the slightly-overweight-Indiana-dude-listening-to-a-third-generation-Voivod-dupe-on-a-K-Mart-Walkman knock-off of late 20th century imprints, made an offer. Not for Taxi, but for a single. By Peach of Immortality. I explained (by old-fashioned letter - this was a few years before email) that I had a new name in mind for the project, but the always generous N'ville proprietor replied via post that I'd be making a mistake if I applied even a hint of eyeshadow. I was desperate, so I agreed. For two years I shelved the TLASILA name in public, but I'd long embraced the TLASILA aesthetic and abandoned the structural schematic familiar to the few remaining fans of POI. Research and development was pursued with diligence.

(Miami) POI was TLASILA.

From early 1991 through October 1993, all TLASILA recordings and live performances were credited to Peach of Immortality.* As POI, Rat Bastard and I mixed and produced the above-referenced EP for Noiseville, Spatters of a Royal Sperm. During innumerable sessions with various Sync Studios engineers (primarily Rat, the ill-fated Edward Bobb, and Looch, Rat's partner in the studio, and sometimes by myself, either after-hours at Sync or at Telemundo, the Spanish-language network where I toiled as a freelance audio engineer from 1992-1994), I recorded great swaths of four albums that were ultimately abandoned (My "Limp" Went Husserl on Me, Everything That Arkansas Needs [kudos to the great Sam Patton for the ace nomenclature], Baby to a Violent Grave, and The Lineaments of Gratified Desire). Some of the tracks from those aborted compendia were stripped from their moorings and retrofitted for 30-minuten männercreme: "Trip Right Over It" (July 1992), "Lena Krassner 1949," "Pull Chains of Memphis," and "New! Skin Chamber Lite!" (all from February 1993). Even "Ponyfur" reappeared, emerging from the archival murk as a 14-minute extended dub crafted during the Lineaments sessions.

* There were exceptions. For the 20-year box, I found a cassette explicitly marked "TLASILA - Performance Template No. 1." From 1992. (Don't worry - there will be an excerpt.) Even under self-imposed deep cover, I strove to disrupt chafing paradigms...

Soon (Spring-Summer 1993), I was engineering the sessions by myself. I worked a lot of overtime at Telemundo. I wouldn't have given Martin Hannett (or Martin Rushent, or even Martin Barre, or Moon Martin) any sleepless shit-fits, but I was finding my own shrill, stripped, streptococcal voice.

I was also continuously working at home on edit templates, new compositions, texts, design concepts, and other distinctly Shavian motifs during this purgatorial pause. When Noiseville dropped the outsized medicine ball on Spatters (early autumn '93), I summoned the gumption to restore the TLASILA name to the already sizable body of distress we'd created in balmy, boring South Beach.

Simple as that.

On September 30, 1993, Peach of Immortality's set list included gnarled 30-mm standards "Pictures at an Exhibition," "Long Georgette Jacket," "Piss, My Heart," "Unobscured Miss," "Foul Thérèse," and "Weakness Spits." The lineup that evening? One Tom Smith, on tapes and voice. The set was recorded off the board by Rattus Bastardus. By October, we were doing the exact same set (or combinations of those songs, and newer ones) as To Live and Shave in L.A. And by November, TLASILA was performing compositions that would eventually show up on "Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell.

The work created between early 1991 and September 1993 could never have been made by Peach of Immortality, at least as the group was originally conceived by Jared Hendrickson and myself, and as later fulminated by Tim Lane Seaton and I during the group's extraordinarily fecund death throe (1988-1991). In Miami, "POI" was a placeholder, an avatar, and nothing more. As soon as Spatters was exiled, there was no point in clutching the past to our chic purple vinyl breastplates. To Live and Shave in L.A. entered the surveillance game in May, 1990, worked in back-channel black ops as Peach of Immortality through early October 1993 (with at least one notable incognito trip to the liquor store), and dumped the alias later in that month when its cover had been irrevocably compromised.

(Note that both Jared and Tim were, and continue to be, exemplary musicians. I'm working with Tim again in Rope Cosmetology. But, during that season of nascence, instincts ran counter to the known. And do so to this day.)

(Here's a rarity - a test copy of 30-minuten männercreme, still bearing the soon-to-be-jettisoned POI moniker, from August 1993.)

Click here to download the opening remarks and first expulsion (30-mm's "Shot Your Mouth Off") from Churchill's, Miami, May 20, 1993. The group is yours truly, on voice and tapes. Either Rat B or Ariyah O recorded the set. (Sorry, there was no engineer credit on the tape, but it's most likely one or the other.) Apologies for the very distressing display of hubris...

The 20-year retrospective will thus not obscure truths nor ignore opposing perspectives, and address misconceptions head-fucking-on.

Part Two will follow later.

Hope everyone is well!



Sunday, November 01, 2009

Menaced Tune Sixty...

It's been a very good day. A good weekend, despite waking far too early today and yesterday. And I'll fill you in tomorrow. In brief: we saw the new Almodóvar (Los abrazos rotos, excellent), took a four-hour stroll through the Sprengel (Schwitters, Nolde, Boccionis, Dix, Klee, Ernst, El Lissitzky, Picasso, Paik, etc.), went to Silke last night for beers, brownies, and DDR-style punk, and dined well on our one-year anniversary at 11A... The Cortege looks like it's finally coming out (Don Fleming's mix, on vinyl), and more, always more.



Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...