Friday, September 12, 2008

The House Is Faithful...

Leslie Q - Presque Vu!

(1994, Majora Records MAJ PRE LP, out of print.)

Excellent first full-length excursion by this wandering automatic poet, a long-time friend of TLASILA...


01 Chappie Couldn't Smile (4:41)

02 The Republic (2:02)

03 Happy Days (1:43)

04 Rise Up (3:43)

05 Uno Momento (2:25)

06 Flower in the Sun (2:49)

07 Raga Blue (2:52)

08 Elastic Shrinking Head (2:32)

09 Unlike Demoninator (0:57)

10 Rain (2:06)

11 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backward (4:55)

12 Born in the USA (2:11)

13 HP (1:29)

14 8-Track (2:35)


Leslie Q - voice, guitar, metronone, keyboard, live to cassette recording

originally mastered and edited by Scott Colburn, 1994

remastered and re-edited by TS at Western Blot, 12 Sept 08


(85.1 MB, ripped @ 320 from a transfer of Leslie's personal copy of the album made way back in 1996...)



The old Forced Exposure blurb:

Leslie Q is a new discovery from Tennessee I believe, who records songs in a solo bedroom style that are startling in their immediacy, power and ability to fly out of the known universe. Really rough textured acoustic guitar, insanely personal vocals, perfectly realized individualistic style. While Lou Guru and the rest of the Lo-fi-kill-me-now generation feverishly scour their Boys Life back issue set-collections for subject matter and inspiration, its nice to hear somebody maintain & actually add to the Real Person canon.


Get to bed earlier,


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