Thursday, May 31, 2007

TLASILA > Portland, OR > Rotture > 2 May 07 > Vidcaps

Awesome evening at the Rotture...

Ben, Graham, Rat, the Robot, and me (TS) were aboard the Z-Train; guests Dead/Bird and Kilynn (Little Claw) clung to the railings with aplomb.

Videography courtesy of local volunteer James; framegrabs were taken from his footage.


(L to R: Graham, and a focused, unusually pensive Ben.)

(The core: Ben, Rat, TS... The composition is rather squished, but this was the only frame in which the three of us were aligned just so... Aesthetes, please forgive me.)

(Graham, in a particularly antic and wicked mood...)

(Kilynn, Dead/Bird, and Graham's talon.)

(Dead/Bird and GM...)

(Ben, D/B, and Graham...)

(Rat and Tom, mic cord wrapped 'round his mug...)

(Ben and GM, convulsing...)

(Rat bolts into the audience...)

(The ocean roils and throws him back!)

(Rat, always with the proper fingering technique... Show-off!)

(Ben stands headless while Tom plucks Keira from stage right...)


(TS' extremities, Kilynn, GM..)

(A Shavian clusterfuck: Rat, Graham, Ben (obscured), Xuxa/Keira on the periphery, TS, sprawled, and Kilynn...)

(Kilynn wins points for posture; Dead/Bird and Graham go monk and approve...)

(The bot, Ben's shoe, TS.)

(Chaos spills, spits, spins, sprays...)

(The band attacks TS...)

(Rattus escapes semi-unscathed...)

(Five seconds off the tarmac... A scarred, bloodied TS, K, GM. Not a bad night.)

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