Saturday, April 07, 2007

You Can Never Huff Enough Gold Bond...

(Amended 9 April 07.)

Just added: Max Eisenberg (aka DJ Dogdick, also of Nautical Almanac), and Carlos Giffoni!


Lots of projects underway, a blood-spattered handful recently completed. Late Thursday I wrapped our half of a split CD for Vancouver imprint Isolated Now Waves. Twenty minutes (actually ten two-minute pieces sewn together in post), so new I haven't even given it a title. But there are new vocal bits, and contributions from everyone in the collective save Misty. (Never fear - after the tour we'll have plenty of Ms. Martinez' essence in cryo-stasis.)

Our remix project - The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply - is picking up steam. Peep the press release:

Distilled from the five-plus hours of unused, primarily improvisational material recorded for TLASILA's acclaimed 2006 Noon and Eternity album, The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply posits Noon's anti-war narrative within a fractured, far more sinister redoubt.

Where the former collection decried American lassitude, the malaise that led to incompetent governance, a catastrophic war of choice, and virulent attacks on civil liberties at home and abroad, Grief turns inward, examining the nation's cancers as they metastasize.

Beginning with a sustained burst of feedback from the final hour of recording, and concluding with a monitor check from the initial minutes of tracking, The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply offers an exploded view both of process and mise-en-scène, further delineating TLASILA's disquiet (and yes, palpable disgust) over a slumbering nation held hostage by madmen.

The 31-minute title composition will be followed by a montage comprised of the contributions of dozens of invited guests, each of whom will provide an additional perspective through remixing, disrupting, commenting upon, performing over, or in some manner detourning the sound (or intention) of the piece.


Recorded at Echo Canyon, NYC; engineered by Aaron Mullan.

Mixed, edited and produced for TLASILA by Tom Smith from the original masters (which were mixed by Andrew Wilkes-Krier, Don Fleming, and TS).

Composed and performed by TLASILA; words TS.

*TLASILA for these sessions was:

Rat Bastard
Ben Wolcott
Don Fleming
Andrew Wilkes-Krier
Chris Grier
Thurston Moore
Tom Smith

(*Note that Mark Morgan was away during the initial December 2004 sessions for Noon in NYC; his parts were overdubbed at AWK's Manhattan studio in June, 2005. Thus, MM doesn't appear on Tom's 31-minute remix of the Echo Canyon material.)


The following artists have accepted our invitation and will be contributing remixes:

In no particular order, Otto Von Schirach, Dave Phillips, Joke Lanz, Ashley Davies, Duran Duran Duran, Aaron Dilloway, Howard Stelzer, Julius Valve (aka Aprox.), Dino Felipe, Kasra Mowlavi, Aida Ruilova & Mark Morgan, Jessica Rylan, Jared Louche, Doormouse, Anton Nikkila, Andrew Liles, Thee Majesty, Alexei Borisov, Ralf Wehowsky, Shitmat, Rudolf, Fanny, and 16-Bitch Pileup.

More are pending; many more to be announced!

That's enough self-congratulatory blather for the moment. We seldom run low on the stuff, however, so check back soon for another throat-full.



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