Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wringing Out the Sieves...

VA - Lowlife #14 Free Tape

(1989, C-90, no matrix number, compiled by Lowlife editor and publisher Glen Thrasher; long gone.)

Another dust-choked artifact uncovered during the search for late POI/early TLASILA rarities in advance of the Menlo Park box.

I'm fond of the submissions by Costes, Geoff Dugan, Suckdog, Blowgun, Available Resources Band, Medicine Suite, and, of course, Half Japanese. I trust you'll find your own equilibrium...

(Click images for larger versions.)

For this release (and others recorded between mid-1988 and Summer 1991), Peach of Immortality comprised Tim Lane Seaton (check out "End of Rope," his solo bass study appearing near the top of Side A), and yours truly.

Lowell Ginsberg remained a member of our coven, but appeared only in erratic flashes and spurts, and never managed to record with us at Klang, Tim's airy second-floor studio near the sordid, leaking ventricle then passing for the heart of downtown Atlanta.

(Tim and I recently performed a set together in Los Angeles; after 17 years apart we found ourselves damnably synchronous. He remains an unflappable prince among hyperventilating vassals, and I look forward to working with him again...)

Note: Electric Boat Division had nothing to do with Boat Of, my Athens, Georgia-based group that sulked and shat from '79 until '83. (Nor do contemporary ambient-laptop purveyors The Boats.) Cake had nothing to do with the same-named mid-90s Capricorn Records jam band... I was always entertained by the aggressively tawdry Freedom Puff, but their Free Tape submission seems in retrospect somewhat restrained. I played with FP's Debbey Richardson in A-Aachen AAL Nevada Jim, a 1996 project that recorded frequently (and even embarked on a brief American tour supporting TLASILA), but sundered after its initial creative impetus was extinguished. Deb's stay in Nevada Jim represented a valiant effort on her part, but after one live gig she bailed. Too alien a milieu for her, I suppose... Back in the day I'd pushed Debbey to give up old frauds like Borbetomagus in favor of Al B. Sure! (riding high in '88 with In Effect Mode), and later I urged her to change the name of her perpetually stolid rock combo, Magic Bone, to the infinitely less agreeable "Stone Mountain," but she just couldn't break ideological form. Sleep well, Debz!


Side A

101 Tinnitus - Chore
102 Summer Complaint - Cow Plaque
103 Costes - I Piss on Your Woodpile
104 Tim Lane Seaton - End of Rope
105 Sequence 3 - Arreal Groove
106 Due Process - RRRadio Long Island (excerpt)
107 Killing People - King Bert
108 Shaking Ray Levis - Neon Noodle
109 Caroliner - Prune Picking HUGE HAND
110 Griege Travail - Kosher Pickles
111 Geoff Dugan - How Can I Avoid Power
112 Crawling with Tarts - Passing a Dreaded Point
113 Cuban Uprising - Blackened Fingers
114 Lisa Suckdog - The Mike Gira Workout
115 The Dave - Crickets
116 Habeas Corpses - Rot Your Brains Out

Side B

201 Fish & Roses - Clave
202 Size Ten Jaw - Trinity Excerpt
203 Your Mom Too - Swamp
204 Peach of Immortality - From ''Produced by Lou Giordano''
205 Nada Nirvana - God Bows to Math
206 Chris Swartz - Random 5
207 Blowgun - 8-Ball
208 Richard Rother - Skirt
209 Electric Boat Division - Red World by Day
210 Available Resources Band - Gadji's Berries
211 Freedom Puff - Paper Bag
212 Medicine Suite - Helen
213 Half Japanese - T for Texas
214 Cake - Black Coffee


Peach of Immortality:

Tim Lane Seaton - bass guitar, organ
Tom Smith - tape manipulation

Mixed and produced by TLS at Klang, Atlanta, 1989.


(207 MB, ripped @ 320; normalized and re-edited -- to more clearly demarcate track sequencing -- by TS at Western Blot, 20 Aug 08.)

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