Sunday, March 07, 2010

As I Was Saying...

Dear Bloodied Others,

I won't have the artwork for the new sled of KSV releases ready before tomorrow, so please forgive my prognosticative shortcomings and meet me back here in a few...



Painful, Depressing, But True...

I know I'm always pushing Frank Rich, but his gift for incisive political and cultural critique is far too impressive to ignore. He's been damned good for the last half decade, taking full advantage of the raw material provided by the ignoble foibles and stark freakishness of American elites, always revealing compelling sets of caustic truths.

His Sunday op-ed is an uncomfortable read:

"The problem is not necessarily that Obama is trying to do too much, but that there is no consistent, clear message to unite all that he is trying to do. He has variously argued that health care reform is a moral imperative to protect the uninsured, a long-term fiscal fix for the American economy and an attempt to curb insurers’ abuses. It may be all of these, but between the multitude of motives and the blurriness (until now) of Obama’s own specific must-have provisions, the bill became a mash-up that baffled or defeated those Americans on his side and was easily caricatured as a big-government catastrophe by his adversaries."

Read Rich's complete text here.

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