Sunday, November 11, 2012

Peach of Immortality: Share a Ride to Annihilation, Anyone?


Feeling generous this weekend. Saturday, a taste of Boat Of. Today, A septic sliver of POI, one presaging the future, albeit 23 years too soon, a spastic stairwell tumble rather than the hipster's preferred gentle nudge: Tim Lane Seaton's titanic November 1989 remix of the opening (untitled) track from Peach of Immortality's still-unreleased Taxi zum Shoah album. Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia at Tim's Walking Fish studio between summer 1988 and winter 1989. Bass guitar, treatments: Tim Lane Seaton. Tape manipulation: Tom Smith (c'est moi). We were arrogant and extremely pissed off and we were right. And the hits just kept on coming.

(Left, TS. Right, TLS. Now choke on our anger.)

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Rope Cosmetology UPDATE!

Hi All,

Very happy to report the best news this oft-disappointed group has had all year: Magic Bullet will be releasing our recently completed album. Holy shit. Kudos to the band (Balazs Pandi, Feri Kovacs, Tim Lane Seaton, Ryan Parrish, und ich), to Brent at Magic Bullet, and to our slowly spreading slick of enthusiasts. Wow. After all the draggy downs in 2012 (studio accidentally deleting four completed songs from their computer, cancellation of the European tour, etc.) finally a delirious UP.



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