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TLASILA Album Flood: Peter Criss vs. Peter Christopherson (1996-8, released 2000)

Glorious Comrades,

Here's the latest in our continuing series of archival offerings. The chronology is slightly freakin' jumbled, owing primarily to our rapacious mid-to-late 90s fecundity - so many of the albums we created then remain either unreleased or abandoned, or had elements scavenged outright which were later reinserted into other, officially issued recordings, or splintered, distressed, pulled into viscous, mile-wide skeins of malodorous taffy, or disintegrated altogether. (Viz. Horóscopo.)

There's no definitive TLASILA discography, as nothing is ever fixed, cemented into a trophy case or timeline. The raw materials remain malleable, their essential elements unstable, years after "release."

With those caveats in mind, today's confection will likely hew to its nascent organic template for at least a couple more spins. (Actually, that's already untrue, but for the purposes of this presentation...)

To Live and Shave in L.A. / KF36 - Peter Criss vs. Peter Christopherson

(2000, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, no matrix number, edition of 100 CD-Rs in full-color printed sleeves.)

Availability: out of print, label long dead.

Today, Kasra Mowlavi is a successful London-based drum and bass DJ and owner of the Critical Music label. In 1995, however, he and the other members of the KF36 crew were wreaking psycho-linguistic havoc within European noise cells. Employing (now ubiquitous) swallowed microphones, amplified room tone, home two- and four-track recordings of running water, urine streams, and fuck knows what else, and, most impressively, roots, bulbs, and stalks transplanted from someone's untended collection of East Asian folk arbors, they created an oddly analgesic sub-dialect of sound, a mollifying, absorptive mass almost certainly without precedent, but at the time sounding suspiciously de rigueur. It took a few listens to catch on, but I did, and an invitation to collaborate was extended.

Peter Criss vs. Peter Christopherson was the result. It was begun at The Studio in Miami in 1996, and completed at Atlanta's Microgroove complex in 1998 (following a round of test listens in Chicago with Weasel Walter as we prepared for rehearsals for our ultimately aborted duo project Jaws 3), and released via Phil Todd's superbly spotty Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers imprint in 2000 in an edition of 100.

Forget about those overpriced eBay artifacts - this comes from the source.

01 Huh, Baby?
02 Wheah Yoah Limit Is...
03 Five on Number Five
04 Wasn't Poah Galin'!
05 B for Baby Ida
06 So Flush on Rubbin' Lips Befoah
07 Like Triphammers
08 Peahs Lak Life Jus' Picks
09 Trucks for Carnival Jeeps
10 None of My Wheels Is Gimmicked

Composed and performed by KF36 / TLASILA.

Kasra Mowlavi - voice, turntable, devices.
Unnamed KF36 Others - ditto.

Rat Bastard - bass
Ben Wolcott - oscillators
Tom Smith - voice, exteriors

Mixed and produced by TS 1996-1998 at The Studio, Miami and Microgroove, Atlanta.

(92 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed into a RAR file.)

Get it here.

Next up? Where a Horse Has Been Standing, or Amour Fou, or God and Country... It's that damned inconsistent timeline.

Derek Bailey - Concert in Milwaukee (1983)

(Amended 18 June 10.)

Nothing really needs to be said about Derek Bailey, but to reiterate...

He got his start at the Brill Building combine, scoring a hit as a composer with the Orioles' "Gas-Filled Recoil" in late '62. He helmed Q65's unlikely gospel foray One Needs Grains and scored a belated European smash two years later with its "An Intermediate Goal," pulled initially as background music for a Belgian "bottomless" jeans advert. Bailey's stormy, May-December relationship with '40s Swedish ingénue Signe Hasso was widely reported at the time. His early 1970s work with Silverhead still strikes agreeably dissonant chords, but it was his dedication to and perseverance on behalf of Heart (most importantly, his shepherding of their contract from Mushroom to CBS/Portrait) that provided him with financial security and long-elusive professional accolades. (Heart's "Magic Man" famously details Bailey's tumultuous love affair with Ann Wilson.) He capped his career with induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. Recent collaborations with Gavin Rosdale and Art Brut have proven successful. He resided in St. David's, Wales, with his wife Sasha Vinni, the former Penthouse Pet and current Welsh Labour MP. Bailey expired in 2009 after a prolonged bout with a Slint gatefold.

Derek Bailey - Concert in Milwaukee

Recorded at Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 31, 1983.

(1983 cassette, no label or matrix information, unknown edition, housed in a clear plastic case with no cover.)

Availability: uncertain, but I'm guessing it's been out of print for 27 years.

Side 1

01 8E
02 21A

Side 2

03 15E
04 9A



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