Monday, January 02, 2006

Fear in the Corners

Lousy weather, inane sports coverage, promos for new Jane Curtain and Heather Graham sitcoms, the DOJ's burgeoning investigation of the New York Times' whistleblowing, Queen & Paul Rodgers... Yes, nothing has changed from 2005. We're still in Hell.

(Live life to the Ultra...)

Obverse: I've had a kick-ass holiday. My son is well, parents still twitching. Cyn has again been delightful; her pets gave thoughtful Xmas reminders. (Monk especially.)

AWK (currently in Brazil) wrapped the alb on the 23rd; masters are off to Menlo. I've already conferred with Rat about summer tour options; nothing concrete yet decided. I'd love to organize 100 dates, but we'll be lucky to find the time to do ten. So frustrating...

My head's throbbing (from too much laughter, actually - Jackass DVD box), so I'll check out for now.



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