Thursday, June 03, 2010

Re KSV: Typo Fail!

Friends, Colleagues, Accelerated Particles,

An evil interloper must have forced me into a shroud of haplessness, as I would never have consciously committed such a grievous error:

(Click above for a lager version of the image.)

Oops! As you can plainly grok, I managed to label the Disc Four sleeve of Die Frau betreffend as Disc Three. As admirable conceits go, two Disc Threes ranks well above Michael Bay's recent casting of Hayden Panettiere as Sir Issac Newton-Prime, but humility is a far more powerful force than gravity...

Die Frau betreffend will be sent as soon as I can get the corrected sleeves to my printer. It will be shipped separately. OK? As for the other orders, everything should be away by the weekend, Monday at the latest.



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