Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Attacked by Beige Polo Beach Togs...

TLASILA: Live, The Edge, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (XS Music Fest), December 1, 1995

Newly transferred; I'd not listened to the tape in nearly twelve years...

The verdict? Complete fucking chaos.


The set began with a dim-witted security guard clotheslining Ben Wolcott just as he'd cradled my dad's diesel-powered leaf blower in his arms. Luckily, Ben was fairly, uhh, loose (we commonly indulged in the odd n*rc*tic vice back in the day), so the lunging buffoon's assault failed to cause grave injury. Rat had sufficient foresight to run our gear through the backline instead of the house PA; although though the club quickly pulled the plug on us, we couldn't be silenced without darkening the entire complex. (Brilliant...) My mic was lost when the manager gave us the hook, but I could still be heard shouting through the din...

So, here it is: TLASILA in transition, 30-minuten mannercreme and Vedder Vedder Bedwetter under our belts (with Prostitution Heute!, "Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell, the initial, eventually unreleased version of Where a Horse Has Been Standing and Where You Belong, and two hours of Wigmaker rough mixes in the can or in queue), veterans of two national tours and a fuckload of (frequently catastrophic) Florida gigs, but nonetheless loathed, gouged, trampled upon and given no option but to open for generic blues, boogie, industrial and metal outfits, all of whom vanished soon after...



Ben Wolcott - oscillator, leaf blower, 20-pound bag of flour
Rat Bastard - bass
Tom Smith - voice, tape

A great, grating 18 minutes.



Stone Temple Rape Me Mojito,

Green River Jeremy

Cobra Venom Mixed with the Old Blah-Blah...

Vicekopf - Principia Schizophonica EP

(1991, RRRecords RRR 077 7", out of print.)

Performed by Dr. Hans Gregor Vicekopf (aka Gregory Whitehead).

Another in the endless procession of unobserved synaptic prominences - Principia flared less brightly than some, but small appliances were nonetheless addled...


Two instructional recordings from Exercises in Spontaneous Speech Pathology performed by Dr. Hans Gregor Vicekopf...

01 Principia Schizophonica (6:40)

02 How to Pronounce "Prothesis" (6:45)


(29.6 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.)



Yours Less Brilliantly,


Not at Issue: Why They Still Love Jacko on the Aegean Side...

(Amended 18 March 08.)

Phauss - Audiodrome

(1987, Radium 226.05 RA 029 LP, out of print.)

An exceptionally fine compendium...


Engineered by Zbigniew Karkowski and Per Giöbel.

Side 1 recorded in 1986 in conjunction with the Prodrome (videodrome) project in Switzerland, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Thailand, The Philippines and USA.

Side 2 recorded in 1983 in Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Benin and Nigeria.


01 Audiodrome (Zürich - Zürich 1986)

02 Audiodrome (Alger - Lagos 1983)


(130 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Part 1 / Part 2




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