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TLASILA Flood: Live, Pez-Ner, Lyon, France, 28 Feb 98

(Revised March 3, 2007.)

It's hard for me to believe this recording was made nine years ago...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Live, Pez-Ner, Lyon, France, February 28, 1998

We were in the middle of tracking the ultimately aborted Tony Conrad, Fat-Ass, and had just recently wrapped Peter Criss vs. Peter Christopherson, but two of the three songs assayed were composite renderings (or, palimpsests, if you must) of material written for (the still unreleased) Commmiinnggg! and Practis'd the Black Art.

(The first was taken from The Wigmaker.)

Just listening to this set's exposed, ulcerous tonalities nearly makes me ill. Not in a wholly malign way, mind. In my estimation - please note the obvious bias - the music has improved with age. I think it was rather daring of its time, prescient even.

But emotionally? Fuck, I feel tremendous sympathy for these stray dogs - I hope they found their way home, or at least scared up safe haven in redoubts less tumultuous than the bleak, windswept ports of their souls. The air seemed heavy, the mood rather less salutary than we probably would have preferred...

At last, a selling point everyone can relate to!


01 When My Rifle Went Sour with Preposterous Headdress
02 Was She Can, Magma Despoiled?
03 Pharmacological and Dead, or Both

(Total time 18:30 , approx. 42.3 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed into a RAR file.)


Rat Bastard - bass
Greg Chapman - casio
Julien Becourt (aka Eva Revox) - tape manipulation
Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) - interference
Tom Smith - voice, shortwave


Acquérez-le ici.

Au revoir pour maintenant,


Masstishaddhu - Shekinah (1988)

This next offering should be known by many of you. If you've not yet had the pleasure, use the tools at your disposal...

Masstishaddhu - Shekinah

(1988, United Dairies UD028 LP)

Availability: original pressing (and 2000 reissue on Psychedelic Pig) long expired.

Some hear Dionysus surfing the astral express aisle, others, Big Jim Sullivan on New Guinean Romilar.*

Your faithful cynic splits the cosmodemonic difference.


01 For the Dead and Unborn (22:18)

02 Angels Gather Here Between Purity of Heart and Hopeless Despair (19:45)


(Approx. 97 MB, ripped at 320 kbps from the original United Dairies vinyl version; compressed to RAR.)

* Can't cough up the ducats? Swallow this spoonful...

If you require more information, seek it out. We prefer not too lead your opinions overmuch; extravagant displays of hype give us ringworm. That we've bothered to post other artists' recordings should give you a sense of the esteem in which those represented are held.


Brus, Nitsch, Roth, et al. - Münchner Konzert Mai 1974

Keen to absorb the previous post? We hold you in good stead, and happily present its equally sterling precursor...

Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm & Oswald Wiener - Münchner Konzert Mai 1974

(3xLP box, released 1974 via Edition Hans Jörg Mayer f 665508/09/10.)

Availability: out-of-print.

01 1 (19:33)
02 2 (19:12)

03 3 (19:24)
04 4 (19:56)

05 5 (19:06)
06 6 (17:16)

(263 MB, ripped from the original vinyl at 320 kbps, compressed into three RAR files; the more noticeable pops were removed digitally.)

No point in blathering - polish the cutlery, pour the wine, relish the feast.

Part One / Part Two

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