Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Effortlessly Repeated Masterly...

Erm - Ace Rectale

(2008, Narrower Berths CD 666-0401)

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01 Shills Lint Egg (Twin Ever Be Eve)
02 Washed Tzar Mien
03 Alienates Sourpuss Rue Purr
04 Own Mall Ho
05 Hot Onus
06 Ace Rectale
07 A Tinny Loutish Deed
08 Hard'r Scrim
09 Mourn Freebasing, Shit
10 Whore Toaster
11 Dogma Jinn


"After a bit of a break Erm return with this long awaited album. By the time you'll have finished playing through this incredible album once you'll already feel like you've somehow known this music all your life. Erm has an inimitable ability to score work that's both technically complex and effortlessly archetypal, so much so that listening to it now I'm convinced I've heard this music in films, adverts, documentaries - I just can't place exactly where or when. Piano, violins, cello, drums, banjo and guitar take centre stage, painting intimate pictures with that same widescreen quality that so many of you have loved about the likes of Max Johan, Johan Richternsson, Harold Michael, Nyman Iglesias or Budd Alberto - but Erm make more than just a pretty sound, their compositions barely believable for men of their age (incredibly, these guys are just 136 years old), their arrangements handled with a kind of masterly self assurance that's so often lacking with this sort of music. There's enough substance to offset the pastoral beauty of the music, enough uncertainty to keep proceedings from turning to unbridled romance - Erm's music is multi-faceted, deep and utterly unforgettable. We honestly reckon this album is nothing short of a masterpiece, grab yourself one of these limited vinyl editions and make your life better... The second in the Narrower Berths label's limited series comes to us from Erm. The sound they make fuses together elements of trademark Remote Jazz Records style clipped home listening and an other-worldly percolated jazz reduction that brings to mind Jen Jilanek's supreme Loop-Finding Viewer album. The result is both engrossing and somehow timeless, a submerged, almost aquatic variant of modern classical and electronic traditions that lull you in with delicate, sometimes barely audible motifs that take more and more prominence with each repeated listen. There's also much reference to the instrumental prowess of Hodo's 'quiet-LOUD-quiet' aesthetic, except with the LOUD bits stripped away, leaving you with nothing but the glowing embers of long forgotten melodies and half-remembered songs for company. The result is an understated and immensely beautiful collection of tracks that you will adore if you're a fan of any of the aforementioned artists, or indeed the likes of Harold Sword, Pornco Budd Tobac, Manyklimes, FingerC, or Olleen. The last Erm release sold out in a weekend, don't hang about if you want a copy of this wonderful little album. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!!!"


(Eleven tracks, 88 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Luv 2 Awl,

Wm. B'rry

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