Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jon Stewart on America's Greatest Themepark Attraction!

From Variety's Wilshire & Washington blog:

From the Idaho Statesman:

Abdalla Said, who works at a newsstand on the G concourse, said he's been getting requests daily for directions to the infamous bathroom.

"It's by the Lottery shop, right next to the shoeshine shop," he said without blinking. Gee Butler and Royal Zino work at the Royal Zino Shoeshine shop. Zino, the owner's grandson, said the shop has been in the same location for 45 years. Some of the shop's famous clients include James Brown and Muhammed Ali. And Sen. Craig?

Probably not, Zino said, although he thinks he might have been witness to the senator's June 11 arrest. "I might've actually been here. Me and my buddy were watching them doing a sting," he said...

A Cad Deferred, Hurling Mom...

Sweet Fiends,

For months I've been struggling to make headway (with the TLASILA/Kevin Drumm album), but today the levees collapsed and metaphors rose to record heights. I've found the solution...


Chaos Reigns No More...

(Amended 31 Aug 08, then again on 27 July 09.)

You really need to hear this. Everything makes sense again...

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

As I wrote to the Cool Palm:

It's an audience boot, but of better-than-average quality, except for Eno's first version of "Baby's on Fire," which suffers from tape-crinkling. Ja!! Nico sings "Das Lied der Deutschen"! Kev had fucked Cale's wife the night before the concert, and poor John found them in the act. He's thus pretty drunk and shaky throughout, and his outtakes deserved their status. "Buffalo Ballet" is a mess, and "Gun" fares only slightly better. The revelation is the complete Ayers set - it's really good. Or, I should say, the songs left off the Island album (June 1, 1974). He performs the whole of the "Dr. Dream" suite, and it's superb. This bootleg assembles the bloody mosaic at long fucking last... Eno's "Baby's on Fire" opens the Island version, but it was actually a final encore, done for the sake of the live recording itself, as he was unhappy with the first run-through. And hearing Kevin's set in its entirety makes a mockery of that ( review.

CP: Naughty Kevin! Must have been great fun for all to play "I've Got a Hard On for You Baby."

"Hard On" is the least of the Ayers tracks, based on a lengthy listen to the outtakes last night. There are a few good lines, but it was a bit too lowbrow an ending. Cale must have snipped off a length of piano wire in anticipation of garroting him!


Here's what was played by ACNE at the Rainbow Theatre on June 1, 1974:

Driving Me Backwards / Baby's on Fire (Eno) / Buffalo Ballet / Gun / Heartbreak Hotel (Cale) / Das Lied der Deutschen / The End (Nico) / May I? / Shouting in a Bucket Blues / Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes / Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought of You / Whatevershebringswesing / Everybody's Sometime Some People's All the Time Blues / Interview / See You Later / It Begins with a Blessing ~ Once I Awakened ~ But It Ends with a Curse ~ The Doctor Dream Theme / Two Goes Into Four (Ayers) / I've Got a Hard On for You Baby (all) / Baby's on Fire (Eno)


(196 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Disc One / Disc Two



Garrote Von Hard-On

Saturday, August 30, 2008

TSSR Warning!

Our friend Gerard Klauder, prolific audio terrorist, TSSR co-founder, and indefatigable lunatic, died in October of 2006. The diabolical bastard designed the final iteration of the Smack Shire label website to resemble a dead-end/404/expired domain page purchased on the cheap by spam squatters. Brilliant, but extremely fucking annoying, as the site still stands, and less observant fans continue to send orders despite admonishments. PLEASE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, STOP ORDERING FROM THE SMACK SHIRE SITE! Gerard is dead, and his PayPal (and website/ISP/password) info died with him.

As of August 27, 2008, we're no longer accepting any orders for TSSR back catalogue. We're on permanent haitus.

Any orders sent to GK's former address are done so at the sender's risk - no albums will be shipped, nor will refunds be sent, as I have neither access to nor responsibility for any accounts of his that may still be functioning. Any orders sent to the TLASILA address will be immediately rejected.

I'll bring a few boxes of the six albums released by the Smack Shire along with us on the 2010 farewell trek, but until then, the vault will remain sealed.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Straight in at Number One...

There have been quite a few excellent albums this year - The Bug's London Zoo and 2562's Aerial foremost among them - but the Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up compilation has re-ordered my synapses completely. (For now.)

Get it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deeper Still...

We're committed to blowing your minds with the box, and permanently soiling yr slots with our über-Geist. Below, check out transfers 26-28. You're gonna get the rarity hook-up, believe me.

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

No Sleep Till Iron Virgin,


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Refusal: In-Progress...

(Amended 27 Aug 08.)

Death Haunters,

It's been a busy couple of weeks on the TLASILA box set front. Peek below to review the fruit of my labors...

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

To date I've transferred 26 DVDs of (late period) Peach of Immortality and To Live and Shave in L.A. recordings, spanning the years 1990-2008, a mostly hazy and cathartic slice o' half-life.

I'll throw the lot into my carry-on luggage and complete the four-disc assembly in Hannover. Winter will be enlivened by the sound of two drunk rugby fans applauding the conclusion of our July 23, 1993 Churchill's set. Golden fucking days...



Monday, August 25, 2008

Lee "Scratch" Perry: Repentance Auto-Promo Gush...


It's out!

(Narnack was kind enough to send five copies of the album, and there they are, on my desk, as seen above...)

Scratch sang songs, and Andrew W.K. produced them. There are many guest vocalists on the album (titled Repentance), including yours truly.

Support Mr. Perry (one of the greatest artists of the 20th, 21st, 219th, and 5,867th centuries, no fucking doubt) by purchasing this album immediately.

Roast Fish,


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympix Hoopz Replai...

It matters not if you're a sports nerd or chess club stud: the España/USA final was amazing. Check it out in its entirety.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hot Flashes for Hot Flushes...

Dump your hippie noise bullshit and visit the here and now:

It's free and legal. Go.

3:07 and not a minute too soon...

Just received the text message from the Obama campaign:

"Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first live rally at 3pm ET on Spread the word!"

Of course, the selection was leaked 65 minutes several hours earlier. Cable news mouth-breathers are already revved to an hysterical pitch...

The next few days should be fun!

Politics is the only power electronics. Eeeeeeekkk!


Friday, August 22, 2008

20 Years of Night Sweats Later...

VA - Head Full of Acid

(1988, Ugly American Tapes one-sided C-60, out of print; compiled by UgAm editor and publisher Greg Chapman.)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)


01 Suckdog - The Alien (2:19)

02 Peach of Immortality - Untitled (4:53)

An early study for the unreleased Taxi zum Shoah album.

Tim Lane Seaton - bass guitar
Tom Smith - tape manipulation

Mixed and produced by TLS at Klang, Atlanta, July, 1988.

03 Monster Magnet - Tab (23:50)


(75 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Powder in letter not dangerous,


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wringing Out the Sieves...

VA - Lowlife #14 Free Tape

(1989, C-90, no matrix number, compiled by Lowlife editor and publisher Glen Thrasher; long gone.)

Another dust-choked artifact uncovered during the search for late POI/early TLASILA rarities in advance of the Menlo Park box.

I'm fond of the submissions by Costes, Geoff Dugan, Suckdog, Blowgun, Available Resources Band, Medicine Suite, and, of course, Half Japanese. I trust you'll find your own equilibrium...

(Click images for larger versions.)

For this release (and others recorded between mid-1988 and Summer 1991), Peach of Immortality comprised Tim Lane Seaton (check out "End of Rope," his solo bass study appearing near the top of Side A), and yours truly.

Lowell Ginsberg remained a member of our coven, but appeared only in erratic flashes and spurts, and never managed to record with us at Klang, Tim's airy second-floor studio near the sordid, leaking ventricle then passing for the heart of downtown Atlanta.

(Tim and I recently performed a set together in Los Angeles; after 17 years apart we found ourselves damnably synchronous. He remains an unflappable prince among hyperventilating vassals, and I look forward to working with him again...)

Note: Electric Boat Division had nothing to do with Boat Of, my Athens, Georgia-based group that sulked and shat from '79 until '83. (Nor do contemporary ambient-laptop purveyors The Boats.) Cake had nothing to do with the same-named mid-90s Capricorn Records jam band... I was always entertained by the aggressively tawdry Freedom Puff, but their Free Tape submission seems in retrospect somewhat restrained. I played with FP's Debbey Richardson in A-Aachen AAL Nevada Jim, a 1996 project that recorded frequently (and even embarked on a brief American tour supporting TLASILA), but sundered after its initial creative impetus was extinguished. Deb's stay in Nevada Jim represented a valiant effort on her part, but after one live gig she bailed. Too alien a milieu for her, I suppose... Back in the day I'd pushed Debbey to give up old frauds like Borbetomagus in favor of Al B. Sure! (riding high in '88 with In Effect Mode), and later I urged her to change the name of her perpetually stolid rock combo, Magic Bone, to the infinitely less agreeable "Stone Mountain," but she just couldn't break ideological form. Sleep well, Debz!


Side A

101 Tinnitus - Chore
102 Summer Complaint - Cow Plaque
103 Costes - I Piss on Your Woodpile
104 Tim Lane Seaton - End of Rope
105 Sequence 3 - Arreal Groove
106 Due Process - RRRadio Long Island (excerpt)
107 Killing People - King Bert
108 Shaking Ray Levis - Neon Noodle
109 Caroliner - Prune Picking HUGE HAND
110 Griege Travail - Kosher Pickles
111 Geoff Dugan - How Can I Avoid Power
112 Crawling with Tarts - Passing a Dreaded Point
113 Cuban Uprising - Blackened Fingers
114 Lisa Suckdog - The Mike Gira Workout
115 The Dave - Crickets
116 Habeas Corpses - Rot Your Brains Out

Side B

201 Fish & Roses - Clave
202 Size Ten Jaw - Trinity Excerpt
203 Your Mom Too - Swamp
204 Peach of Immortality - From ''Produced by Lou Giordano''
205 Nada Nirvana - God Bows to Math
206 Chris Swartz - Random 5
207 Blowgun - 8-Ball
208 Richard Rother - Skirt
209 Electric Boat Division - Red World by Day
210 Available Resources Band - Gadji's Berries
211 Freedom Puff - Paper Bag
212 Medicine Suite - Helen
213 Half Japanese - T for Texas
214 Cake - Black Coffee


Peach of Immortality:

Tim Lane Seaton - bass guitar, organ
Tom Smith - tape manipulation

Mixed and produced by TLS at Klang, Atlanta, 1989.


(207 MB, ripped @ 320; normalized and re-edited -- to more clearly demarcate track sequencing -- by TS at Western Blot, 20 Aug 08.)

Part One / Part Two




Towering Shards...

Brian Turner's show has been firing on all cylinders of late. (Did you catch yesterday's Don Bolles extravaganza? Superb.) Last week, BT was kind enough to lob a few acknowledgments our way - click below and drink deep, lidded ones...

WFMU's Brian Turner from 8/12/2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Broderick Crawford vs. Starbucks...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Angel Cash (36 DD) and Carol Miller (44 DD), Who Are Lactating

(1996, Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals C-90, no matrix number, edition of 15; out of print.)


Side A

01 When My Rifle Went Sour with Preposterous Headdress
02 The Ass-God
03 Crypt Rocket, Tomb Rocket, Turd Rocket
04 The "Six" in The Six Wolves
05 Mizrahi Speculum
06 I Learn to Inject Morphia
07 Lady Dedlock
08 No More Was Needed to Inflame My Balls
09 The Ass-God
10 Modified Stock
11 58, Pumphand
12 Spelvin, the Righteous Bush
13 Crypt Rocket, Tomb Rocket, Turd Rocket
14 Hitchhike to Oregon

Side B

15 The Snake Whose Head Would Not Be Crushed
16 Kopenhagen Lounge
17 She Once Liked to Fuck a Drowsy Woman
18 The Geneaology of Orestes (According to Trace-Horse)
19 "Whore's Mug," Sometime Fustigator
20 Honeycomb Tripe
21 New Poem Dramatized for Lux Cudgel
22 CB Mamas
23 Full-Choke Wigmaker's Vise


01 recorded at the Zipperhead Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 12 July 95

02-07 recorded at WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor, MI, 17 Feb 95

08 recorded at Spike's Dog House, Jacksonville, FL, 24 Feb 95

09-14 recorded at The Cowhaus, Tallahassee, FL, 14 Feb 95

15 recorded at Zoot's, Detroit, MI, 17 Feb 95

16-21 recorded at WKCR-FM, Columbia University, NY, NY, 18 Aug 95

22 recorded at Lizard & Snake, Chapel Hill, NC, 4 Sept 95

23 recorded at the Black Cat, Washington, DC, 28 Dec 95



Rat Bastard - bass
Ben Wolcott - oscillator
Tom Smith - vocals and tape


Nandor Nevai - trombone, 2-7, 15
Weasel Walter - sax, 2-7, 15
Masaya Nakahara - electronics, 23
Don Fleming - theremin, 23
No Neck Blues Band - drums and guitar, 23

Edited, mastered and produced by TS at The Studio, Miami, on 27 Aug 95 and 12 Oct 95.


(208 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Part 1 / Part 2




Yet Another Reason to Delay Today's Suicide...

If you were planning to off yourself in the next few hours, at least wait until you've found a theatre playing Isabel Coixet's Elegy. The source novel (Philip Roth's The Dying Animal) is infinitely more arresting, but you can always read in the ambulance on the way to Hell. You'll need video to appreciate the scenes assayed by Ms. Cruz...



Po' Po' Pee Poo-Core Reanimated!

Duotron - Duotron vs. Tom Smith (new edit)

(Sessions released as Menlo Park Recordings LP MPK 7006; out of print.)


Duotron, along with Scissor Girls, formed the absolute, wicked-ass apex of Chicago's purulent, oh-so-prurient mid-90s sub-basement scene. I was sufficiently ambitious enough to want to work with (and ruin the reputations of) both cabals, and I'm honored to have unzipped and pissed all over global aesthetic stasis with them. The pooled moment drained, of course, but no-one with any sense imagined it congealing.

The great Duotron were:

Odi M'Khan - drums, voice
Rikkeh Suhtn - guitar, voice

01 Po' Po' Pee Poo (17:50)

02 Po' Po' Pee Poo (version) (17:56)

I've gone back to the original session tapes to prepare this version, which restores approx. thirty seconds of previously deleted studio chatter and needless (but always soothing) amplifier hum to each track.


Originally recorded, mixed and produced by Tom Smith at Eliot Dicks' (10x10) studio, Chicago, January 1996. Re-edited and remastered August 19, 2008 by TS at Western Blot.

(81.9 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Smash and Collab,


Monday, August 18, 2008

They Fucking Out-Booed the Boo Birds!

Just uncovered, a bloody shard of pre-Shavian meta-PRE:

Peach of Immortality - Live, Destroy All Music 4*, Nexus Center for Contemporary Arts, Atlanta, March 31, 1989

We closed out the festival. An actual riot ensued. I got arrested. Agony, ecstasy, etc.


01 Complete Set (21:23)

It's shot through with hiss, but it's the only document of the performance we have. Adjust yourselves accordingly...

Personnel: Tim Lane Seaton (bass), Lowell Ginsberg (bass), and Tom Smith (tape manipulation).


(48.9 MB, ripped @ 320; recorded off the four-channel soundboard by an unknown hand...



Antagonized antagonist,


*P.S. You'd think after four tries they would have succeeded, or at least made some headway!


Billie Holliday, performing a stark, mournful, mordantly reverberant version of "Strange Fruit."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Release: TLASILA / Demonologists Slow Dance and Dry Hump...


Didn't know this was out yet! Drink a quart of transmission fluid and do a pancreatic leak 'n' jerk over to Hung Like a Horse, where you can make arrangements to obtain the new TLASILA / Demonologists split cassette... It's new and disproportionate.

Saline Solution,


Friday, August 15, 2008

R.I.P. Jerry Wexler...

“I asked him once,” said Mr. Thurman, the filmmaker, “ ‘What do you want written on your tombstone, Jerry?’ He said, ‘Two words: More bass.’ ”

(The immaculate, left, confers with the irascible, leaning in close on the right. Click for a larger version of the image.)

Read the NYT obit here.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Two Most Recent Releases...

VA - Trunculence

Seven-inch lock groove compilation on the No Part of It label. Our contribution, clocking in at a hefty 0:01, brings up the rear as track B50. Get 'em yesterday, as they're basically gone...


VA - (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000 MilliSeconds

From Ratskin Records' promo copy: "A compilation of over 215 thirteen second compositions. The comp contains tracks from To Live and Shave in L.A., Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, Otto Von Schirach, Cock E.S.P., Realicide, Thrones, and about 210 other bands contributing thirteen second compositions."

About 210 others? Guess it's easy to lose track after cabal #199... Our epic selection is wedged up near the tip of the phalanx...


Lovely creations. If you're able, rabid, and unmindful of your future, buy a few to support the efforts of these fledgling imprints.



I Approve This Disapproval....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do It for Jules...

If you're in the area and able to attend, please go.

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)



Now It Can Be Told...

It's official: the first installment of our proposed Cortège trilogy will be issued on Norway's Roggbif Records imprint.

Titled Épuration, the album will should be on release by early 2009.

Recorded by Matt Azzarto at the Think Tank in Hoboken, NJ, and mixed and produced by Graham Moore and yours truly, the album features twelve new compositions performed by Rat Bastard, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan, Don Fleming, Chris Grier, Gaybomb, Don Hassler, Patrick Spurlock, Kelly Jamison, Mark Shellhaas, Nandor Nevai, Misty Martinez, Dimthingshine formerly Dimthings, Graham, and me...

This one is a dogma-shredder, so stay fucking tuned.



Monday, August 11, 2008

Velvet Monkeys vs. Issac Hayes, 1986...

Could there have been a more profoundly prescient tribute?

Cheers to DF for the link...

Courtesy of Balazs: "Messiah Remix Goes Off!!!"

Praise DJ Jesus...

Mr. Pandi suggests that "the best is the guy sitting in the first row being totally frozen, just watching." I'm rather drawn to the backward robot moves of the check-shirted serial killer dude on the periphery - he's hillbilly junglist to the core...

Despite Scientology, Sobs...

R.I.P. Chocolate Salty Balls...

I saw Wattstax at a once-segregated, rapidly disintegrating grindhouse in Albany, Georgia in late 1973 and flipped my fucking lid. Rufus Thomas and the Bar-Kays kinda kicked Issac's ass in the film, but Mr. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic's intro was beyond classic...


(Lobby card set for the confused but no less entertaining Italian-American co-sploit drive-in staple Three Tough Guys...)

(One of the posters created for Jonathan Kaplan's Shaft-lite epic Truck Turner. It was gritty and satisfying in its own lugubrious way, of course...)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Merely Resurrected": Foxy Digitalis Review

Here's the winner. "Merely Resurrected" features a mutation/corroboration of To Live and Shave in LA members Rat Bastard, Andrew Barranca, Ben Wolcott, Tom Smith, Chris Grier and Graham Moore (the henchman behind Blossoming Noise.) Sounds like Tom Smith might be the wizard here*; mixing and arranging the prolific group's source material into rich, dark tapestries of homebrewed, de-territorialized musique concrete.

It's like listening to a lost, LSD-damaged DJ Premier mix tape; the motifs consistently imply a sort of MPC-60 style choppy musicality, but Smith never completely gives in, instead opting for jagged, morphing edges and empty noiseways. Samples are arranged in such a way that there's a semblance of a tonal center; a drone in each scène du transmission that focuses the intensity of the frenetic samples. The cuts are violent and acute, but never so freaked out as to induce sonic schizophrenia. In fact, "Merely Resurrected" is deeply meditative at almost any volume; layers upon layers of buried noise detritus and fragment seemingly converge and sublimate at any moment. Both the TLASILA source material and the brilliant arrangement thereof create an aesthetic tension with one another; like a machine controlling a mage, resurrecting and rearranging old magic so that it can deliver its communique from the future. Total creep mode achieved. Highly recommended.

9/10 -- Daniel Lopatin (6 August, 2008)

* (Oui, c'est vrai. I also corrected Mr. Lopatin's misspelling of Andrew Barranca's name... No harm, no foul.)

Friday, August 08, 2008

100 Years, Either Way...

(Reposted by request.)

Hello Droogs,

The second POI album received an even icier reception in the States than the first.

We wanted REM to sound like constricted Gordian clots of unstable pirate broadcast signals. All we listened to at the time was David Hykes, Diamanda Galás, Bela Bartók, Crime + City Solution, György Ligeti, and Judas Priest. We did a fuckload of acid. It showed.

Peach of Immortality recorded another fifteen (!) albums between, before, and amid Jehovah/REM and 1989's Taxi zum Shoah. We couldn't inveigle anyone to release any of them them, and we slowly faded from view.

Soldiering on, we performed a poorly attended farewell gig at Atlanta's Klaang! studio space in early 1991, had a few drinks afterward to celebrate the long, mad debacle, and quietly parted company.

I'd already stumbled over Ron Jeremy's porn parody of William Friedkin's To Live and Die in L.A. (in 1988, at Valdosta, Georgia's still-extant, long-bowdlerized Video Warehouse), and by May 1990 had filled four Maxwell C-60s with TLASILA demo sketches.

Met a girl, fell in love...

On moving to Miami, the POI name was retained for the handful of live gigs I performed while recording 30-mm. I made the switch to TLASILA permanent in October 1993, but everything recorded in Miami under the POI rubric was unmistakably in the vein of To Live and Shave in L.A. Same exact animal...

Peach of Immortality - "Jehovah" My Black Ass - R.E.M. Is Air Supply!

(1986, Adult Contemporary Recordings ACR 006 PRE LP.)

Availability: out of print.



Side A

01 30 Jan 86

02 18 Jan 86 (recorded live at the Bone Club, San Antonio)

03 31 Jan 86

Side B

04 29 Dec 85

05 14 Jan 86 (recorded live at Jed's, New Orleans)

06 30 Jan 86


Jared Hendrickson - guitar and treatments
Lowell Ginsberg - bass and treatments
Mark Shellhaas - signal manipulation
Tom Smith - tape manipulation, mix, production

(I'm giving the photographer the finger, Lowell Ginsberg is wearing the scarves, Mark Shellhaas is smiling knowingly on the right, and Jared Hendrickson - now better known as Jared Louche - has his boot in your face.)

(Ripped from the original vinyl test pressing.)

Get it here.


Respectfully Yours,


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Held Over at the Tartarus Marriott!

R.I.P. Lou Teicher...

Cooler than ultra-fucking-cool... One hopes the pianos in heaven are well-prepared!



Ferrante & Teicher loops and cut-ups were often prominent in the music of Boat Of, the group I formed with Mike Green and Carol Levy in Athens, Georgia in late 1979. A sad day here at HQ...


Rest in peace, four-eyes!


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Moaning with Ess-tasy...

Another forgotten sleaze-nugget found on the B-side of a late 90s TLASILA "edit template" cassette during excavations for the Menlo Park box...

John C. Holmes - A Day in the Life

An ancient Swedish Erotica flexidisc found in the collection of the great Julien Becourt, aka Eva Revox. Recorded to cassette at Julien's flat in Paris on February 25, 1997, and transferred to digital for all of you today...


(20.7 MB, ripped @ 320.)





Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Persona Non Grata: New Bundled Reviews...

Hope you've been practicing your university German...

Blood und Shoestrings,





Aus den Untiefen amphetaminnebelgeschwängerter
Übungskeller staksten vor mehr als 10 Jahren helle Köpfe, die
dann schnell bemerkten, dass Entertainment ein dankbares
Betätigungsfeld, Geschwindigkeit keine Hexerei und die
größte Errungenschaft des Black Metal Movements nicht der
Blast Beat, sondern Corpse Paint ist. Und dass vor allem
bei Musikern Klappern zum Handwerk gehört. Entsprechend
deklarierte man sich zu Virtuosen und Extreme-Jazzern,
liess sich im Studio und auf der Bühne gerne gehen,
improvisierte fröhlich drauf los und strafte jedes Muckerethos
und Peanuts wie Aspekte der Anhörbar- und Verdaulichkeit
Lügen, indem man in beseelter Hemmungslosigkeit auf die
Instrumente und noch schlechtere Witze drosch und noch
mehr Genre-Klischees überreizte und noch fieser jeden
Musik-PR-Ideologen beleidigende Art Works und Konzepte
entwarf, um sich Tonträgerveröffentlichungen und Tour-
Tickets nach Übersee zu ergaunern. Der Skin Graft-Kosmos
begeisterte dann kurzweilig die Checker-Massen durch
augenscheinliches Ironieaufgebot, dabei war und ist es
Menschen wie Nondor Nevai und Weasel Walter (remember
The Flying Luttenbachers!) bitterer Ernst: Was die Brötzmann-
Sippe kann, können wir schon lange, müssen sie sich
dereinst gedacht haben und etablierten eine nicht ganz so
stocksteife oder sich gar allzu ernst nehmende Improv-Szene
zwischen Referenz-Fetzen, Noise, Comedy und Jazz. Es ist
zu bezweifeln, dass man mit dieser hemmungslos gelebten
Freude am Krach reich wird, selbst bei größtmöglicher
Verwertung der zahlosen Sessions in immer neuen
Konstellationen, aber wer will schon an die Rente denken,
wenn es doch um künstlerische Integrität geht? Trotzdem
ist es naturgegebenerweise an der Zeit der Zweitverwertung
und Legendenbildung. Im Nachttischschränkchen
gefundene Tapes wollen als Trevor-Brown-Artwork-geadelte
Quasi-Supergroup-Reissues an den Mann, handverlesene
Sammelsuria-Kompilationen als Best Ofs rausgebracht
werden, um wieder einmal auf Unverständnis und bald taube
Ohren zu stossen, dabei ist den Aufnahmen vor allem eines
anzuhören, eine Qualität, die selten geworden, dabei, bei aller
Angestaubtheit der Begrifflichkeiten (wir reden ja immerhin
von Jazz ha ha), von höchster Wichtigkeit für -so klassizistisch
wollen wir heute mal einfach sein- unverfälschten
Musikgenuss ist: Spielfreude, manisch, ohne Rücksicht auf
Verluste oder gar Zugeständnisse an die Zugänglichkeit, dafür
mit dem Kopf quasi im Klo. Ja, so klappts auch mit dem
Nachbarn (weil, der beschwert sich unter Garantie). (Nondor
Nevai: Savage Land, Miss High Heel: Blossoming Noise)



Es sind in Würde gealterte Männer, die uns die Wege in
die Zukunft weisen wollen. Sie sind mitunter ein wenig
divenhaft im Sinne von Künstlerethos, doch sie stehen
zu dem und wissen, was sie tun, werden dabei immer
pointierter und verstehen die Popkultur nur als eine der
möglichen Bühnen, niemals stellen sie sie ins Zentrum
ihres Schaffens. Sie sitzen lieber bequem zwischen den
Stühlen, diagnostizieren messerscharf, wann sie selbst
es sind, die nur Alteinhergebrachtes, als Avantgarde
verpackt, wiederkäuen, und sind stets auf Reisen. Sudden
Infant ist seit Mitte der Achtziger weltweit unterwegs,
seine extrem körperorientierten, mit Kontaktmikros und
Effekten induzierten Klangverdichtungen zu präsentieren,
eigentlich das Paradebeispiel für gelebte Noise-Kultur, schon
längst vom Goethe-Institut und dem Schweizer Pendant
prohelvetia fürs trotzdem ignorante Feuilletonistentum
geadelt, aber die berichten ja lieber in flammenden Zungen
von durchgekoksten Langeweilern wie den Einstürzenden
Neubauten und ihren inzwischen doch etwas peinlichen
Kunstblasen. Wer dagegen Sudden Infant unter optimalen
Bedingungen live erlebt hat, wird danach vielleicht von der
Lyrik des Lärms, der dann keiner mehr ist, sprechen, wird
das Gefühl nicht los, dass man eventuell doch etwas verpasst
haben könnte damals, als es losging mit dem Noise und
dem Industrial, gut zwei Jahrzehnte, bevor David Tibet und
William Bennett Popstars und elektronische Klangerzeuger
Allgemeingut wurden. Wird so etwas wie Glück empfinden,
nochmal Zeuge dieser intensiven, vereinnahmenden Art der
Klangerzeugung geworden zu sein. Wer ausserdem das Glück
hat, sich mit To-Live-And-Shave-Mastermind Tom Smith
auseinanderzusetzen zu dürfen, wird feststellen, dass sich
hinter der Maske des Intellektualismus eine ausgeklügelte
Strategie der Verweigerung verbirgt, deren Fundamente
der satirische Humor und die Lust am Austausch sind.
Wenn er auf der diesjährigen Europatour mit Schal und
T.Rex-Shirt erst backstage seine Vokalübungen machte,
um dann Teile des unbedarften Publikums mit seiner
Interpretation eines sterbenden Glam-Bowies zu den extrem
kaskadischen Elektronik-Sperrfeuern von Sickboy Milkplus,
Gay Bomb und Sudden Infant zu befremden, schien
temporär jeder Soundschnipsel, jedes Wort wohldurchdacht
und wie zufällig aus dem Ärmel geschüttelt zugleich,
sowie es den spärlichen Besuchermengen, die sich aus
Paradiesvögeln, seelenverwandte Künstlern, Noiseaktivisten,
Sensationssuchern, Sex Maniacs, Subkulturtouristen und
unbedarften Pistengängern zusammensetzten, zum Fraß
vorgeworfen wurde. The Cortege ist sehr gut in der Lage,
Momente dieser Transzendenz wiederzugeben, zumal ein
Großteil der Tour mit Material dieses im herkömmlichen
Sinne komponierten und produzierten Albums bestritten
wurde. Der Vollständigkeit halber sei erwähnt, dass sich in
einem anderen inzwischen nicht mehr ganz so jungen Mann,
nämlich Sonic Youths Thurston Moore, einer der bekanntesten
Fürsprecher dieser schallenden Gegenwelt findet.Und deshalb
steuert dieser auch einen schönen Remix des heimlichen
Sudden-Infant-Tour-Hits „Somniphobia“ bei, eine nette Geste,
mindestens. (beide: Blossoming Noise)

All by Herr André P

Three Hundred, Then Full Stop...

TLASILA - Mashup Finale: Electric Eels vs. Maggi Payne vs. Sir Victor Uwaifo vs. Passenger of Shit vs. Thou vs. Musiques Matisses vs. Z'ev

This is our 300th and final convolution. After fourteen months, 1,017 new compositions, 679 artists abused, and 29 hours, 32 minutes and 38 seconds of détourned detritus uploaded for our edification and your approval, we believe we've made our point.


(Four tracks, 24.3 MB, ripped @ 320.)



There will be no re-posts, so grab them while the links are active. Sincere thanks for your support...

Henceforth, all energies will be directed toward completing the projects in our release queue and transferring archival (1990-2008) media for the two-part Menlo Park box set.

No tours or live performances will be scheduled for the remainder of 2008 or 2009, although if we change our minds, you'll be the first droogs to know. The 20th anniversary of To Live and Shave in L.A. falls in 2010, and the plan now is to undertake a farewell tour of the planet and call a halt to the group at the end of that year. We've done it long enough. There are other futures, other reinventions ahead.

Deep breath, and... We're off!

As for the blog, posts continue as always. See you tomorrow?



Monday, August 04, 2008

Torrent Artifact Tests Vol. 2

(Extracted from Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of Smile, while stuck at 96.2%.)

Re: "Merely Resurrected"

(Amended August 4, 2008.)

Shit! I didn't realize...

From the Heavy Psych website:


TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A. "Merely Resurrected" is SOLD OUT
Hanson, Blossoming Noise, & Tochnit Aleph have some copies, read a review of the tape here. Thank you for the huge support...if you have yet to receive a package..please be patient, I have a stack I still need to send out. Just been super busy.

Oh, What a Soldered Web We Tweetup...

While blasting through sedimentary layers of the TLASILA archive in preparation for the Menlo Park box I uncovered this all-but-forgotten evolutionary cul-de-sac. It's a demonic stab of maniacal joy...

Tom Smith & Flying Luttenbachers - Live, Fireside Bowl, Chicago (22 Dec 95)


01 Joyce "She" Little Smelling
02 Bad by Proust "A"
03 Teeth, D.H., Women as Fur

Bill Pisarri - bass
Chuck Falzone - bass
Weasel Walter - drums
TS - voice and tape

(13.5 MB, ripped @ 320; the recording has been normalized, and its tops and tails trimmed, but is otherwise unedited.)





Sunday, August 03, 2008

Torrent Artifact Tests Vol. 1

Fun for the whole family!

(Extracted from the Tony award-winning Girls Gone Wild: Finally 18, while stuck at 92%.)

John McCain, Sleazy Cocksucker Pt. 666...

Senator McCancer and his team of hyperventilating hucksters have been plying the Obama celeb meme trade for well over a week, but in the sordid process they've mismanaged history's inventory.

It's been scrubbed from McCain's own site, but the evidence of hypocrisy (courtesy of Google Cache) still smolders...

(Click above for a larger version of the image, found through a search of Google's website cache. Adapted from and courtesy of Crooks and Liars.)

Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...