Monday, September 07, 2009

Rope Cosmetology: Casement Ledges Where Moss Has Grown...

Hello Again,

Finally. After months of adjustments, the fourth Rope Cosmetology album, Spezial Gedankengefüge, has been completed. Orders will ship tomorrow.

Here's the revised running order:

Week 1

101 Visit When in Sympathy (10:12)

102 Hamletmaschine (5:42)

103 I Must Mourn (5:30)

104 Otherwise She Agreed (5:36)

105 Grateful, But Some Fur (20:05)

106 All Is Lead, Corporeal (9:46)

107 Jean Heap Came Off His Pen (composite) (5:02)

108 Third Symbol May Stumble (12:41)

Week 2

201 Set Rehearsal (7 Apr 09) (52:07)

202 Dirges One Ruined (5:16)

203 Visit When in Sympathy (10:46)

204 The Cortege (8:07)

205 Rope Cosmetology (2:21)

The third disc, a 45-minute DVD of various short videos shot during (and around) the April sessions, will also be included.

Thanks very much for waiting on us to finish the album. It's a collection of rehearsal recordings, so there are occasional flubs, errors, missed beats, blown notes, etc., but THIS GROUP DESTROYS and I don't think you'll mind the odd imperfect moment.

Yours Faithfully,

Tom, for Tim, Ryan, Feri, and Balazs.

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