Monday, May 07, 2007

The Acrid Taste of The Smell...

(Amended May 16, 2007; photos added May 18.)

Another killer evening...

Old friends popped up throughout the affray: Tim Lane Seaton (my partner in the 1988-1991, Taxi zum Shoah incarnation of Peach of Immortality), filmmaker Rodney Ascher (one of the original Miami POI/TLASILA cover boys and a member of our inner-infra-ultra circle), the ever-lovely Kelly Kuvo (Scissor Girls), fetching expat playwright and entrepreneur Danielle Collins, Ralph Cavallero (our very first engineer at Miami's Sync studios - he quietly shepherded our 1991, pre-mannercreme sessions), even Billy Taylor (member of TLASILA from 1997-8, and the producer of our Amour Fou album).

I was stoked.

Misty Martinez finally caught up with the tour, adding alluring voice and reed-skronk to the mix. Ren Schofield and Scott Kinsey (from Ben's Oscillator/Time Between project) double-teamed on percussion, and Tom Van Dyke (the certifiably mad recording supervisor of our 1996 collection Commiiinnggg! and Practis'd the Black Art) joined us on bass guitar.

Things turned out well...




(An truthful moniker - the alley entrance yielded extraordinarily piquant, uhh, delights...)

(Vocal coach to the voiceless, the one and only Tom Van Dyke...)

(Our long-time friend, filmmaker Rodney Ascher. He's been a TLASILA ally since Day One.)

(A rare double profile of Misty...)

(GM, exultant.)

(TS, kickin' it with the Rose for Bohdan suicide crew.)

(Ralphie and Frankie, containing their excitement...)

(Very cheeky...)

(Val and Tom, practicing for prom pix... Wags might instead suggest a Father-Daughter banquet, but herein we abjure both negativity and, er, pragmatism...)

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