Sunday, January 31, 2010

44 Thumbs, A-Z: #13

Thumbnails from Nirvan Mullick's riveting 2002 short, The Box Man...

More on the filmmaker here.

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New from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Hello Again,

Things are finally back in a reasonable semblance of order after the melancholy travails of January and this recent weekend's tumultuous, much-freakin'-needed birthday party for Claudia. The box sets will all be away soon, the smaller orders from late December/early January will winging their way to various destinations as well, and I may even find time to update the increasingly forlorn KSV MySpace profile. Keep in mind that sloths tango with metrical precision.

First things first, however. In December, I promised composer/improvisor Panagiotis A. Stathis a January release date for his Karl Schmidt Verlag debut, Selected Works 2004-2009. It's an absolutely stunning collection, one that befits the rarefied aesthetics of the creator of the much lamented Eat My Art Out blog.


KSV 053 Panagiotis A. Stathis - Selected Works 2004-2009

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Panagiotis A. Stahtis

01 Gallop'd did thee Strobe & did so w/Majesty (5:00)
02 Bethany's Hypnagogue Surrender (9:07)
03 Jailbait (3:15)
04 Squidmouth (4:07)
05 Wildflowers (7:51)
06 View from the Gazebo (5:50)
07 Pond Life (3:14)
08 With Acrobatic Ascension (6:00)
09 This Balloon Makes Fear (6:42)
10 Hundred Dollar Waldorf Astoria Red Cake (3:51)
11 Peak Point (0:20)
12 Breaking Pathic Pounds (5:33)
13 Wipe It on the Cheek (9:00)

Sleeve design by Karl.


€8.49 throughout Europa, €10 elsewhere. Shipping included. PayPal to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hope you'll all enjoy it!

Until next time (which won't be long - we have a sled of upcoming releases in queue!),


A Controller's Acrobatically Glum Gunk: Collage...

Naturally Occurring Black Metal λόγος: my new tome, arrayed 10x8.

First orders ship on Tuesday...

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