Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cortege Previews Posted!

TLASILA - The Cortege

Two full-length albums, one on vinyl LP, one on CD, the latter informed and inspired by the former, each illustrating the harrowing, always mutating Shave dynamic.

The LP features eleven new TS compositions performed by sixteen members of the TLASILA collective, brilliantly mixed and produced by Rat Bastard. The band has never sounded better.

The compact disc version features jagged electronic recapitulations of seven of The Cortege's cuts, plus eight new Moore/Myth songs inspired by Rat's insane, extinction-event engineering.

Where Rat's mix is a precise, warts-and-all representation of TLASILA's first studio encounter with the new material, the CD analogue, mixed by Graham and produced by GM/TS, provides a scuzzed-out peephole into the transformative Shavian process, one that veers from '07's mashed-up redoubts to explore a far more virulent avenue of contagion.

TLASILA: Rat Bastard, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan, Don Fleming, Chris Grier, Graham Moore, Gaybomb, Nondor Nevai, Misty Martinez, Dimthingshine formerly Dimthings, Patrick Spurlock, Mark Shellhaas, Kelly Jamison, Andrew Wilkes-Krier, Cherie Lily, Don Hasseler, and Tom Smith.

The funeral train arrives March 2008 on Blossoming Noise...

Listen to four previews here.

Hostile Faces Disowned by the Bureau...

TLASILA - Tiger B. Smith vs. Zaimph

He who refuses to surrender is a biblical disaster epic, a first dressing gown...


(Two tracks, 8.04 MB, ripped @ 320; another in our continuing Relieved and Even Flattered series...)



Tonight you can make all the noise you want,


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