Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Evening Recap...

Hello Everyone,

The CP and I are relaxing in the torpid aftermath of an action-smothered weekend. We just watched Tatort, and before, we tucked into Judd Apatow's most recent feature, Funny People.

(Which was very good. Trust us.)

Last night was exceedingly schizophrenic. We began with a Tomoko Suavage performance at Hannover's newest salon, Wohlklang. Très intime, superb all around. (There will be a KSV release.) This was followed by a colossal energy suck at Silke. (Exceedingly dire musical act, sub-standard DJ sets.) But, no need to gripe further. At least there were caches of simulated cocaine throughout the club...

(One of Ms. Suavage's axes. Click for a larger version.)

(Powdered sugar ODs rose dramatically between the hours of midnight and seven... Click, etc.)

Wish you all could have been there for Madamoiselle Suavage's set. Next time, drinks are on YOU.



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