Wednesday, November 02, 2011

KDTS Blue Before Update!

(Amended 2 Nov 11.)

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well out there.

If you ordered Blue Before Blackface a few weeks back, you'll notice that KSV hasn't yet claimed your funds. Why why O why? Well, the company that supplies the snap-front bags we're using for the release informed us they'd run out of them. (I won't take your hard-won geld before orders can be filled. Remember, we make everything on-demand. There is no inventory.) This occurred after I returned from Berlin with the first six orders, which were purchased by Daniel at Rumpsti Pumpsti. (No other copies of the six-disc/one-DVD set have gone out thus far.) Much irritated thumb-twiddling ensued, as is always the case when delays throw themselves in our path. The bag company finally got new stocks in their sumptuous showrooms on Tuesday, but because of work I couldn't pick my share of them up until today. Why bother with the fucking bags? Cos the discs look so cool inside 'em.

A tedious, wholly anodyne tale, but true. We're meticulously transparent here at KSV...

So, with 45 new snap-front bags in my larder, all I have to do is fold, snap, and post. (The discs for all extant orders, including DVDs, are already burned.) In the post maybe by Friday? I'll grab everyone's cash just before the mail drop.

Oh yeah, there are seven sets left, so if anyone still hasn't thrown their lot in with us, now's your fat chance...

Alles klar?



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