Saturday, July 01, 2006

Damn Straight...

Poll: Good News Fails to Boost Bush's Job Approval

Bush's poll numbers fell again... Fuck, I'd rather Bin Laden had the job. We certainly couldn't do much worse... Characterizing the death of a bufoonish insurgent leader and Rove's fortuitous escape from indictment as "good news" for Shrub's administration is a bit much, however. (And don't get me started on the duplicity of our disgraceful MSM...) Ultimately, one can appreciate the Prez's desperation for spin. When you're neck-deep in shit, a rotten egg smells like Chanel.

Below, Lisa Cullen's Time article:

In a new survey, Americans say the President is performing poorly and that the country is increasingly on the wrong track.

A spate of good news at home and abroad has so far failed to boost how Americans feel about President Bush's job performance. Bush's approval rating slipped to 35% in a TIME poll taken this week, down from 37% in March (and 53% in early 2005). Only 33% of Americans in the survey said they approved of Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq, vs. 35% in March, and 47% in March 2005. His management of the U.S. economy lost supporters, too, as 36% approved, compared with 39% three months earlier. Bush's handling of the war on terror saw a slight gain in support, from 44% to 45%.

Bush's poll numbers remain stuck in a rut despite several high-profile victories scored recently by the Bush Administration. Earlier this month, U.S. forces killed al-Qaeda leader Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi in an air raid in Iraq. Also this month, Karl Rove escaped indictment in the CIA leak investigation. And the Commerce Department reported today that the U.S. economy grew 5.6% in the first quarter of 2006, the fastest growth in more than two years.

But continued pessimism about the situation in Iraq and a broad sense of unease about America's direction may be undermining Bush's popularity. In the TIME survey, 66% said the country is on the wrong track, vs. 28% who said it's going in the right direction. Those numbers have worsened since March, when the poll recorded a 60% to 34% split. When asked whether the new Iraqi government will be able to build a stable and reasonably democratic society, 48% of those surveyed said no, while 39% remain optimistic...

Ultra Mega Pop

Wow... My father turns 79 today.

(CSM blows a kiss backstage at No Fun 3, March 2006. Or, maybe whistles for his squeeze of 46 years to hasten from the ladies room at Red Lobster... Same freakin' diff!)

Born in 1927 at the cusp of the Great Depression, Charles Marion served as a sailor in World War 2, pulled himself up by his penny loafers to become a real estate agent (and later a land manager for a large agribiz conglomerate), brought home the extra-fatty bacon to my mother, Eunice (whom he met shortly after the end of the war), and sired as diametrically opposite a pair of kids as you could imagine. My sis, Patricia, is a stone-cold Republican and a corporate exec, while I, er, took a slightly different path. (I love my sis, despite her political shortcomings.) My dad's folks died when I was rather young, but I remember them well. Grandfather Smith worked for the railroad, while Grandma raised a wolfpack - three boys, three girls. Only my father's older brother, George, survives. Uncle Geo conducted a nearly decade-long genealogical survey of our family - I'll forever be grateful for his scholarship and tenacity. Turns out my father's parents' ancestors emigrated from France in the 1870s. They were bloody Huguenots! Reckon I've let the side down completely...

Anyhow, seeing as my dad is so goddamned ill and all, this might conceivably be one of the last days I can indulge my predilection for over-the-top birthday shenanigans. The cake is in the fridge, and photos of grown-ass adults in funny hats will be forthcoming...


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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