Friday, June 17, 2005

Avoid Contact with Skin and Eyes...

Transferring Pre-Cave/Nest (adj.)/Boat Of tapes in preparation for the TSSR compilation... It's a disconcerting process. The earliest recordings date from 1975 (lengthy electronic pieces, two in collaboration with Don Fleming); a drugged-out (and wholly mortifying) jam with Don comprises my 1977 output. (I was otherwise too absorbed in the observation and experience of punk in NYC to actually create music.) The 1978 tapes are a marked improvement; the WVVS dub remixes have dated well. The lone Prepared Party cassette (1979) eludes interpretation. 1980 vomited up Pre-Cave and Nest (adj.); the latter configuration was especially single-minded in its eagerness to irritate. (All is contingent on context, of course.)

Boat Of was born on Valentine's Day, 1981. Twenty-three gigs, straight to oblivion.

I've made it through the third public performance (16 May 81, at the 40-Watt, Athens). Only 45 more hours of tape to go. Then, the culling.

Rat just called - the Squelchers are in town. We're having lunch together. Must first wait for this DVD to burn... (There, it's done.)

LRS should ideally be stored at room temperature; in this 95 degree murk, fuck knows what horrors I'll find. Photos later.



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